Saratoga Springs to get internal bus service and other transport changes

Aug 26, 2016 in "Bus Transportation"

Posted: Friday August 26, 2016 11:48am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort will have a new internal bus service from next week.

Beginning August 29 2016, a dedicated bus will run internally, stopping at the seven bus stops approximately every 20 minutes.

A new route will also run directly from the Congress Park stop to the Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Bus service to Disney Springs is being discontinued, with guests being able to choose to take the Sassagoula River Cruise water taxi from the boat dock, or take the walkway from Congress Park.

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rawiserichoAug 31, 2016

That's ridiculous, I don't think everyone who uses an ECV is fat and lazy. 90% would probably be an accurate representation of my thoughts.

JWGAug 29, 2016

All they've done is removed the DS stop from the DS route at SSR. That's essentially the internal route for all buses if you remove the park stop. We just hopped the first park bus going in the right direction if we needed internal transportation. And, since the walkway isn't operating at the same hours as DS, and boats are often docked for weather, I assume bus service will be more frequent than eluded to.

Nick PappagiorgioAug 28, 2016

Agreed. We hear about these changes all the time. They try it for 3-6 months and then revert back to the old system.

matt9112Aug 28, 2016

yeah TWDC.....pretty cash strapped i think they need additional funding....sarcasm

GhostHost1000Aug 28, 2016

Remember a ticket to the Disney parks enables them all use of Disney transportation including resorts. Some have reservations at restaurants at those resorts as well but may not be staying there. It's a tough fix all around. I think the new DS bus stop more in the middle will help whereas it was a shorter walk from marketplace to SSR congress park before. I still think it's a bad move to eliminate the bus to DS from SSR when every other resort has them

LAKid53Aug 28, 2016

I was using that phrase as more of a "bad customer service" comment. I agree, people use the bus system to SSR to get around the no DS buses to/from parks. But don't penalize guests at a resort in order to fix that problem. Just make people pay to park at DS....or make non resort guests pay to ride the bus.

peter11435Aug 28, 2016

Well I don't know if "come back to haunt" is the phrase I'd use. I don't imagine it will work well either but the good news is that they can easily change it back if it becomes a problem.

LAKid53Aug 28, 2016

That's good. However, the boats do not hold nearly the number of guests as the buses. Still say it's a bad idea and will come back to haunt Disney.

peter11435Aug 28, 2016

It would not be an ADA issue as the boats have ramps and are accessible.

LAKid53Aug 28, 2016

There's one thing Disney forgot. They close the walkway from DS to SSR at dusk and don't reopen it until the next morning. Is this going to be continued? Otherwise, the only way for SSR guests to get back to the resort in the evening will be the boat. Again, management didn't think this through. And like you said, they do stop the boats running during inclement weather. We've had to take a bus back from DS to POR many times after our dinner at DS because the water was too choppy to safely operate the boats.

LAKid53Aug 28, 2016

And there's a real good way to stop that..make people pay to park at DS. But free to APs, like the parks are. Or buy a parking pass for a specific # of days, at a discount. Will help fund transportation and the building of additional garages.

LAKid53Aug 28, 2016

Why does this bother you? Because you think everyone using an ECV is fat and lazy? Far from it. If I remember correctly, the boats from POR, POFQ, SSR and OKW have a step down. I sure hope the boats have ramps, like the buses, to facilitate those who are using an ECV to safely board the boat. Another bad management decision by Disney. Yes, I'm sure there are visitors taking buses from parks to SSR to get to DS or vice versa. So what. If Disney REALLY wanted to fix the problem of people parking, for free, at DS to get to the parks, then make them pay for parking - if you're an AP, include free parking at DS in the benefits. I'm so f***** tired of, as a resort guest, funding a transportation system for non-resort guests. You know what, make the buses for resort guests only. Tap you MB and if you're not staying on property, you don't get to ride, unless you pay to get on, 50 cents a person. Disney touts the buses as one of the reasons to stay in a Disney hotel...along with EHM (and we've seen how they tried to shake down guests for that). The buses for resort guests only, just like EMH. Universal has buses/boats from their resorts. But only resort guests can use them. Why? Because there's no free parking...not at a resort ($20/day), not at the parking garage, so there's no advantage or incentive. Somehow I don't think this is going to last. Either someone staying at SSR will sue under ADA or the reservations at SSR will decline significantly. And DVC members will think about selling their interests. Has Disney forgotten how damn hot it is from end of June to early October. "Hey, just let them walk... they'll still come.". Yeah, right.

Rob562Aug 27, 2016

Definitely odd... There's a few questions to be answered on how they'll implement this. As others have said on here, will they start boat service earlier? What about when they stop the boats for lightning storms or when it's too cold? Will they run boats later than they used to? Will walking be the only option after 11:30pm? Guess I'll find out on my trip in October, when any of those possibilities could happen... -Rob

GhostHost1000Aug 27, 2016

Maybe this is their thinking now. Since the new bus stops aren't close to the SSR walkway and discontinuing the SSR DS bus plus offering now bus drop offs to DS from the parks this is their solution It'll help SSR guests with less crowded buses from the parks as many rode them to get to DS, but in some ways it's a hassle for those who stay at SSR and used to take the DS busses too. A trade off I guess