PHOTOS - All Walt Disney World transportation services now suspended

Mar 18, 2020 in "Bus Transportation"

Walt Disney World Bus fleet parked during Coronavirus closure
Posted: Wednesday March 18, 2020 7:39am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

All Walt Disney World transportation is now suspended from the morning of Wednesday March 18 2020 through the end of the month.

Much of the Walt Disney World bus fleet is now parked in the Transportation and Ticket Center parking lot.

The Walt Disney World Resort owned and operated hotels will close this Friday.

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Nubs704 hours ago

So you have no thoughts on the subject of the whistleblowers accusations, just thoughts on the organizations that are reporting on the whistleblowers accusations?

Joesixtoe5 hours ago A study from the National Institute of health as well from Moderna during their clinical trial about anti-nucleocapsid antibodies in both recovered unvaccinated and recovered vaccinated individuals. Anti-nucleocapsid antibodies possibly play an important role in defending off covid both from the original strain and future varients because of how slowly the nucleocapsid protein mutates, unlike the spike protein which mutates more rapidly, potentially rendering vaccines usless against possible future varients. The study shows that the unvaccinated individuals gained these antibodies 93% of the time, while the vaccinated gained them about 40% of the time, however the more severe the case the more equal the outcome was. With a mild viral load the unvaccinated had a 71% chance of developing these antibodies while vaccinated had a 15% chance. This could be one reason why you see quite a few multiple covid infections within a short time span.

Vegas Disney Fan5 hours ago

Forgot to mention earlier that my friend with Lymphoma, who has been fighting long Covid since Jan, is now completely clear of Covid but is still suffering from some issues from her double pneumonia, and unfortunately has zero covid antibodies. Her cancer medications have wiped out all the antibodies she got from her vaccine, booster, and actually having the virus. She is signed up for an experimental vaccine they’ve developed for people with autoimmue disorders though so hopefully that will provide her some protection. Covid is kind of back page news now but it’s encouraging they’re still actively developing and improving the vaccines, medications, and treatments.

DisneyCane7 hours ago

Maybe it can be the plot to a new reboot of "The Fugitive?" Peter Dinklage can play Fauci.

Lilofan8 hours ago

Shouldn't undermine confidence in vaccines but some anti vax loyal to their beliefs and misinformation gravitate to Newsmax, OAN, etc.

willtravel9 hours ago "Including falsification of clinical trial documents." I am trying to figure out what the means in the article?

DisneyCane13 hours ago

Also, as far as I can tell, all COVID hospitalization data is people hospitalized (or in the ICU) that tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, not people who are in the hospital or ICU due to COVID complications. Upticks in those numbers could mean nothing more than a small bump in cases in the area meaning that a slightly higher percentage of any random sample will test positive.

Heelz231515 hours ago

That’s good to hear

Heppenheimer15 hours ago

From a practical perspective, what I'm seeing is that the patients test themselves at home as soon as they develop the symptoms, and if positive, they call us right away. Were we still relying primarily on the send-out tests, which needed to be scheduled and then typically had a 12-48 hour turn-around time, 5 days would have been a tough window to hit consistently. With home testing though, it's pretty easy to get the first dose in the patient within 24 hours of the start of symptoms. My experience is also that patients who refused to get vaccinated have also turned down paxlovid for many of the same BS reasons.

Lilofan15 hours ago

Slacking on diet on holidays is a mild understatement . The amount of food consumed , salty, sweet, fried, greased in our gatherings is mind boggling. So much for the doctor’s recommendation of portions being no more than the size of the palm of your hand. That’s one thing vacationing in WDW during the summer . Heat index past 100, not much of an appetite but hydration day and night.

danlb_200015 hours ago

The clinical trials showed an 89% reduction in severe illness and death when Paxlovid was given to unvaccinated people. The important thing to remember about it is that is has to be given within 5 days of the start of symptoms.

Heppenheimer15 hours ago

Holidays often see a large influx of cardiac patients, mainly from CHF and diabetes patients slacking on their diet. All that heavily salted and sweetened food.

Heppenheimer15 hours ago

To change the subject, anecdotally, I have been quite impressed by the efficacy of Paxlovid, which for those who don't know, is the most commonly used oral medication for COVID. This is far from a scientifically valid sample population, but among my patients who have taken the medication, most have recovered remarkably fast after starting the medication, even some who I worried would suffer from severe cases. I am seeing a troubling amount of COVID right now, but I'm also seeing very few patients becoming severely ill, with the caveat being that most of my observations are within a population that recieves regular preventative health care. The combination of widely available home testing and paxlovid might be how we move a little more comfortably into the "living with COVID" stage of the pandemic.

MaryJaneP15 hours ago

Also have 2 of my kids in healthcare, especially one who is a nurse for the past 7 years on a telemetry floor that was converted into a COVID floor during the pandemic. It was always more than 14 hours per shift with pre and post reporting and charting. Still hoping WDW does not have either COVID or long shift concerns.