PHOTOS - All Walt Disney World transportation services now suspended

Mar 18, 2020 in "Bus Transportation"

Walt Disney World Bus fleet parked during Coronavirus closure

All Walt Disney World transportation is now suspended from the morning of Wednesday March 18 2020 through the end of the month.

Much of the Walt Disney World bus fleet is now parked in the Transportation and Ticket Center parking lot.

The Walt Disney World Resort owned and operated hotels will close this Friday.

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Article Posted: Mar 18, 2020 / 7:39am ET
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MrHappy2 minutes ago

JnJ early study suggests 90% efficacy.

DisneyCane13 minutes ago

When is it OK for me to get on an amusement park ride again in your eyes? What's the metric? What if (as several experts including the CEO of Moderna have said) COVID-19 becomes endemic like the flu and is with us forever? Will it always be shameful to do anything enjoyable?

GoofGoof28 minutes ago

That’s what they said about the UK variant and the S African variant too. Maybe this one is different or maybe it’s more of the same. I feel like in this case the media and some in the scientific community have cried wolf on this. You can’t go to the well too many times and expect people to listen. There have been plenty of constructive suggestions, people just have to chose to listen to them. If everyone actually really followed mask and social distancing recommendations (including gatherings in private homes) we would be a lot better off. That much is crystal clear at this point. While it’s true that people in better health tend to have a better outcome with Covid, it really doesn‘t stop you from getting infected. The virus doesn‘t discriminate or pick people to infect based on their BMI. It’s too much of an over simplification to say if everyone was in better shape that would end the pandemic. I know several people who are in great shape and still ended up in the hospital with Covid. One guy who is in his 30s that I work with got sick and recovered but then a week later ended up with blood clots that went to his lungs and he ended up in the hospital. Thank god he’s OK now, but it was pretty scary stuff.

Jrb197948 minutes ago

I get it. The focus should be on eating healthier and exercising. My answer is we need more people to take the walk of shame when trying to get on an amusement park ride.

Incomudro50 minutes ago

There's a lot more that you can do to protect yourself from getting it, as well as to improve how well you might do should you get it. We could also educate younger people now, about what they can do so that they will be in better condition later in life should the next pandemic come along.

Jrb197955 minutes ago

Cause that's all there is you can do to protect yourself. The only other thing you can do is limit social interactions. It's very simple. Covid needs people for it to spread. The lower amount of social interactions the lower the spread.

DisneyCane58 minutes ago

Because it isn't going to only be 3 more months. More like 6 best case.

Incomudro58 minutes ago

The media has offered us nothing constructive regarding covid, because constructive doesn't sell. They never tell us what we can do to help ourselves outside of masks and social distancing.

oceanbreeze771 hour ago

I normally agree with this sentiment, however, this specific variant poses a significant threat to the spike protein. This one should be watched closely.

SamusAranX1 hour ago

Not to mention that I am sure that there’s not many people coming and going to Brazil; and if there was a variant that was resistant you know that the rest of the world would probably go all out to contain it where it originates

seabreezept8131 hour ago

O you have no idea. Today my husband asked me if it’s true that 12 people died from taking the vaccine.. where he saw it I have no idea. But I’m guessing it’s some kind of crazy thing going around in the Brazilian community. This is the type of stuff that will set us back...

seabreezept8131 hour ago

I might whine about it cuz lord it’s exhausting. But come on.. the greater good... what’s 3 more months if it means other people—ones we know or don’t—get to live their lives.

GoofGoof1 hour ago

I almost feel like the doom and gloom narrative was that we would never be able to get a vaccine in less than a year. Once that was shot down it morphed to...we have a vaccine but now there will be mutations that render it worthless.

helenabear1 hour ago

I'm with you. The media hasn't always been our friend in this (look at how they sensationalized vaccine reactions instead of promoting getting them). I've been over the variant thing for a while because there are so many out there and likely some missed too.