Changes to Typhoon Lagoon bus transportation beginning next week

Jun 03, 2014 in "Bus Transportation"

Posted: Tuesday June 3, 2014 9:43am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

If you are heading to Typhoon Lagoon be aware that there will be changes to the Walt Disney World bus transportation serving the park.

Starting June 10 2014, the bus service to and from Typhoon Lagoon after 2pm will only be available at Epcot. This means that if going to Typhoon Lagoon, you will first need to go to Epcot via bus or monorail, and then change onto the bus to Typhoon Lagoon.

On the return journey, you will be dropped-off at Epcot, and will then take another bus or monorail to your next destination. Note that the changes of route only impacts those traveling after 2pm.

The routing changes are related to the bus stop closures and lane changes taking place at Downtown Disney during the expansion of the roadways for Disney Springs. There is no word yet on how long the new route will be in effect for.

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EricaLee78Aug 13, 2014

How long is this suppose to continue?

worldfanaticJul 12, 2014

Thanks for the inside info!

OKSTATE99Jul 12, 2014

Ive only experienced as a bus driver If you are waiting for a bus back to your resort at 1:59pm our transportation leaders make sure buses come in take you back to resort directly like the previous bus routes, But anyone leaving Typhoon at 2pm or later has to go to Epcot. Two suggestions. Ive told guests this, do a half day and make sure to be at bus stop by 130 to return to your resort, second use your trip to Epcot as a planned evening, to eat dinner then watching fireworks.

worldfanaticJul 11, 2014

This thread kinda went dead. I'm curious if anybody has had any experience with the post 2pm Typhoon Lagoon transportation?

wdwmagicJun 10, 2014

Just a reminder - this begins today.

VioliavJun 04, 2014

Yeah, I may need to jiggle my schedule a bit. :/ But it should be ok if people bail on TL before 2pm, yeah?

ToTBellHopJun 04, 2014

I will say this--whenever I've had an unreasonable (to me) bus wait, it's been to the MK (far from everything but it's own resorts) or DTD/TL. Disney seems aware of the need for more capacity to transport to and from MK with the recent additions of bus stops and ferry docks, so I hope that will improve. I also think DTD going to just one stop and wider roads will go a long way. I'm sure the last thing Disney wants is a long wait to get to DisneyMall. That said, this is very inconvenient for summer guests. There is always BB...

OKSTATE99Jun 03, 2014

Oh and the second point, were are told this is how its going to be till Disney Springs Bus Depot opens, which will be very near when the construction is done, so could be a year or longer. Also because of all the road work that will be going on along (BVD) Buena Vista Blvd. I-4 Exit, Dedicated Bus lanes, widening the road to ten lanes, and I'm guessing reworking many of the DS entrances.

OKSTATE99Jun 03, 2014

Oh god do I love you.. As you could bet I'm a Disney World Bus driver. Im glad I won't be at Epcot this summer. Its going to be ummm not fun for the guests or the drivers. Just think of those Monorail resort guests. Wait for bus at TL, ride to Epcot, walk to MK Monorail, wait for said monorail, ride to MK, walk to Resort monorail.. You get the picture. I was guessing an hour transit. And if you don't like the service complaining to the driver doesn't do anything. Go straight to Guest Relations at your resort or any theme or water park. We just go were our leaders tell us to go.

AndyS2992Jun 03, 2014

Although inconvenient, I understand why they are doing it, as long as it is temporary. It will be embarrassing though getting on the resort bus at Epcot wet and everyone staring as they are unaware of the transport changes.

PhotoDave219Jun 03, 2014

Considering the unofficial guide to Disney World and good people over at touring plans used to publish this data every year for a whole Lot of years, 10 minutes is the time that corporate wants people to believe and use the "talking points" time where is actual data contradicted that. Yes, Disney transportation does a very good job of moving guests from point a to point B a very safe manner. I would not call it timely nor efficient from a guest perspective. From a corporate, budgetary viewpoint… Yes it's horribly efficient. But people don't come to Disney World to admire what being counters and celebration place to to save a buck for the company… and they certainly don't come to sit and wait on a bench in 90° heat and wait. And wait. And wait.

PhotoDave219Jun 03, 2014

You'll forgive me if I don't believe you initially… You sound like you are reading from talking points prepared by a focus group…

Kman101Jun 03, 2014

I agree with you it's probably small over so many trips. I'm really not trying to endlessly complain about their service, just pointing out my views that I really don't like how they share stops at various resorts, but it is what it is and it's a minor complaint and in no way ruins my time there. Not at all trying to argue with you, you have been extremely reasonable and make some good points. They do a fairly good job under the circumstances. Bus service from Downtown Disney has always been somewhat frustrating though. I actually don't have many problems or long waits at the resorts I've stayed at. And of course to some guests, what in reality was 5 minutes they will be quick to say "oh no, it was 30 minutes" and I'm timing it the whole time and am like, really? Come on ... lol

stevebwvJun 03, 2014

Sorry, I interpeted the "be all for every guest" as an indication that some may find a 10 minute wait unacceptable. Also, I did not mean to imply that each guest will wait an average of 10 minutes. It would need a much larger sample size to get to that average. But I bet the standard deviation for each guest is small once they get above 20 trips. I will leave this topic alone for now.