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Jul 02, 2016 in "Coca-Cola Store Orlando"

Coca-Cola Store Orlando overview
Posted: Saturday July 2, 2016 1:32pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Coca-Cola Store Orlando at Disney Springs is now open in the Town Center district of Disney's new shopping, dining and entertainment complex.

Modeled after a refurbished 1920's Coca Cola bottling plant, the building has a brick exterior, wrapped with the iconic green glass of Coca-Cola bottles.

Inside, a 30ft wide blown-glass chandelier made from recycled Coca Cola bottles is the centerpiece of an extensive gift shop.

You'll find everything you could possibly imagine with the Coca-Cola name on it, from T-Shirts, keychains, pillows, hats and even sculptures. 

Set between the brick exterior and the glass faced is a series of ramps that lead up to the second and third floors. Elevators are also available if you don't fancy the walk around the building.

Arriving at the second floor there is even more merchandise, but with more of an emphasis on glassware and collectibles.

The limited edition Coca-Cola Orlando bottle sells for $29.95.

Another ramp leads to the rooftop bar.

The bar serves a multitude of Coca-Cola beverages, ranging from world flavors (including Beverley), to a Freestyle Experience that gives you 5 refills in 1 hour. There are also mini cans, bottles, Mexican versions of favorite drinks, floats, Icee and even Coffee.

Unlike the Club Cool at Epcot, there are no free samples here. You can purchase sampler trays, which includes a 16 flavor international tray for $8, or $8.50 for a float tray.

Beginning July 8, the bar will offer alcoholic drinks in the evening hours.

The rooftop even features a garden and restrooms, and perfect view out into Disney Springs.

Beginning in August, the Coca-Cola Store will also be home to a meet and greet with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

The Coca-Cola Store Orlando is open daily from 10am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday, and 10am to 11:30pm Friday and Saturday.

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ABQFeb 13, 2019

Just remember to remove any polarized sunglasses, if you're wearing them when you get there. That menu was completely blank when I got up there. 🆒

The PhoFeb 11, 2019

The bar has many different styles of the packaging. So you can get glass bottles, aluminum bottles, freestyle, fountain, etc. Great for sampling just how important packaging is to a drink.

MuteSuperstarFeb 11, 2019

"Freestyle Experience"....hahaha. Yes experience soft drinks that taste absolutely nothing like they are supposed to. Otherwise though, yeah menu looks nice. and reasonably priced.

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 11, 2019

The upstairs beverage bar is pretty decent...Think of it as a Better alternative to Club Cool in Epcot with a broader menu..

danlb_2000Feb 11, 2019

There is a bar area on the roof that has fountains.

MuteSuperstarFeb 10, 2019

So I've never been to this place, are the only options from those horrible Freestyle machines or do they still have some real fountains where the drinks actually taste like they are supposed to?

halltdFeb 10, 2019

Maybe they’re just using something else for the effect.

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 09, 2019

The WDW Site still states he is...

danlb_2000Feb 09, 2019

Yep, you are right. Are they no longer doing the M&G?

halltdFeb 09, 2019

Wasn't there some effect for the bear meet and greet?

danlb_2000Feb 09, 2019

A permit was filed to remove the liquid nitrogen system from the building. Anyone know what this was used for? 2/8/2019 - Disney Springs - Lake Land Llc B32 Coca Cola, 1512 E Buena Vista Dr - Removal of liquid nitrogen tank and associated controls

DisoneMar 24, 2017

Its open until 11pm, though I think I heard the roof top stop serving at 10pm.

Waters Back SideMar 24, 2017

What are the hours that the Coca Cola Bear meets? Is it during the day only or the entire time the Coca Cola store is open?

mm121Dec 24, 2016

thats really really dumb that the coke store would limit usage of their freestyle machine i thought the whole purpose of this place was to get people to feel good about high fructose corn syrup and forget how bad their products are for our health disclaimer: i do enjoy a coke/pepsi from time to time, the key is moderation