PHOTOS - New Wandering Oakens Trading Post and Frozen Snowground opens on Streets of America

Sep 30, 2014 in "Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Frozen Snowground"

Posted: Tuesday September 30, 2014 8:54am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The newly relocated Wandering Oakens trading Post and Frozen Snowground is now open at Disney's Hollywood Studios on the Streets of America.

Taking the space of the former AFI Film Institute Showcase at the exit of the now closed Studio Backlot Tour, guests can shop for Frozen merchandise, play in real snow, and buy Frozen themed treats.

The original Wandering Oakens that opened in Soundstage One as part of Frozen Summer Fun has now closed. The ice skating rink from the original is not available in the new Streets of American location.

Click the gallery for a look inside the store and play area.

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dreamfinderOct 06, 2014

The joys of magic shots. They can take pictures of nothing and make it look like you were having the time of your life interacting with a character.

modnarOct 06, 2014

Does anyone who's been here know if they sell this Olaf Thermos?

YodaManOct 01, 2014

Just saw the new location in person. *Looks* good, but poor layout in the snow room. Because of all the people taking photos with that app, you can't really get from the store to the snow or food without squeezing by or ruining a photo. Oh well.

BrerJonOct 01, 2014

Last day at SS1 was Sunday 9/28 then the AFI store opened the next day 9/29.

Sped2424Oct 01, 2014

There is an app that folks are using that put olaf or anna and elsa next to yo on that bridge! That's why they are doing it!

RSoxNo1Oct 01, 2014

So the Soundstage One shop remained open through 9/29 or the AFI location opened on 9/29?

wdwmagicOct 01, 2014


wdwmagicOct 01, 2014


RSoxNo1Oct 01, 2014

Was there any downtime between the two locations?

alissafalcoOct 01, 2014

I noticed the photopass CM's set up taking pics in one of the photo's. What are they taking photo's of? Just people standing by a fake snow bridge and fake background? Seems a little silly. Maybe if they had Olaf or someone there to take a picture with.

Animaniac93-98Oct 01, 2014

FYI a variation of DHS' Frozen premium package is coming back with dessert party next to Osbornes along with sing-along reserved seating and a lithogrpah, pin and "keepsake" (don't know what it is). Price is $89/adult instead of $149 like before.

wdwmagicOct 01, 2014

This is now closed, see the first post for details.

Next Big ThingOct 01, 2014

They moved out of the soundstage into a smaller building... the former AFI Showcase (Backlot Tour exit). TSMM will be expanding into where the ice rink/snow area was before (Soundstage 1).

Tom 55Oct 01, 2014

There is a space to make a Snowman. The snow looks like shaved ice. Then there is a ice skating rink were for $10.00 you can rent skates and skate for 30 minutes.