PHOTOS - New look and store layout at Magic Kingdom's Uptown Jewelers

Nov 03, 2016 in "Uptown Jewelers"

New Uptown Jewelers interior
Posted: Thursday November 3, 2016 11:00am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Main Street Uptown Jewelers has a brand new interior look.

The store continues to sell a range of jewelry, bags and purses.

Pandora continues to occupy the rear of the store.

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Goofnut1980Nov 04, 2016

I like it!!

The Empress LillyNov 02, 2016

I have no idea why that is. All of the above indeed? I like it when WDW reflects both the style and period it is themed as, and the period in which it was built. I loves me a 70s 1900/10/20s street!

The Empress LillyNov 02, 2016

The columns support the arches, the arches support the ceiling structure. Without the columns, the ceiling structure is mere ornamentation. The porch still has the columns, their use throughout the structure, interior and exterior, creates calm harmony. I do agree the modern layout follows modern shop layout and 2016 shoppers preferences. Which is a negative for a historically themed shop. One with a sign saying 'established 1881'. To end on a positive note: does this mean that crass billboard is gone?

MarkTwainNov 02, 2016

I've noticed this as well. There's definitely a push toward more contemporary and less historical "period" look in Disney's refurb projects. It's especially visible in a lot of their hotel renovations. I'm not sure if I'm troubled by this or not. Part of that could be the greater fascination with historic architecture back in the 80s/90s versus the push toward open floorplan/contemporary design today. Maybe it really is just Disney losing touch with their roots in themed design and immersive placemaking. Or maybe it's just a change of demand in what people expect from an entertainment resort. Maybe all of the above? Regardless, it's interesting.

WDWtravelerNov 02, 2016

Photo update as of Wednesday, November 2. Beautiful photo posted above by @AJH219 showing the new ceiling and overall room. The new interior for Uptown Jewelers did open last Friday, October 28. Here are a few additional interior photos. There are only a few jewelry display cases now (two at center of this photo and at the front door, see next photo). The rest of the store is Disney merchandise. Most of the jewelry is located in the back at Pandora. P.S. The street billboard advertising Pandora was still outside as of today. The new wall paper is reminiscent of William Morris designs from the early 20th century. The check out counter is along the north wall. Pandora is at the right in the below photo.

HiYa PalOct 30, 2016

One small detail that I love, as someone who's been in retail merchandising for 15 years, the corner bumpers at the bottom on every piece you see, that's one of the first parts of a fixture to get damaged and make it look like crap. And with all the strollers going through these stores, I'm sure the fixtures get a ton of bumps and bruises.

RandySavageOct 29, 2016

As counterpoint, I see that they took out the corinthian columns of the inner octagon among the revisions. In this age, when Disney does interior renovations on earlier-designed Period Spaces, it typically equates to removal of more unique historic details/aspects (in this case, the ring of floor-to-ceiling columns) in favor of more open crowdflow, modern, brighter lighting & modern shelving.

WEDwaydatamoverOct 28, 2016

The photo of the refurbishment looks absolutely beautiful. What was the last MK attraction rehab that was so spectacular?

DisneyDebRobOct 28, 2016

I can't agree more.

wdwmagicOct 28, 2016

I actually prefer to look in those cases without someone hovering right over the top. Lots of CMs on hand if anyone needs assistance.

BoltOct 28, 2016

And I see 3 Cast Members in that single photo that can assist you with that jewelry.

BocabearOct 28, 2016

So....they removed the central display and checkout counter? Ceiling looks nice...I guess... Looks a lot emptier and of course, no big jewelry cases in the jewelry store...just lots of small ones that are unmanned... odd for a jewelry store... so...ummm...

Wolf43Oct 28, 2016

Wow!! It sure does. Thank you for the photo update.

mouse_luvJul 25, 2016

Fair enough, but the point was that they do maintain these places yearly or bi-yearly bc it's always under refurb when I go lolol!;)