PHOTOS - UNIQLO opens first Florida store at Disney Springs

Jul 15, 2016 in "UNIQLO"

UNIQLO at Disney Springs overview
Posted: Friday July 15, 2016 11:58am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crowds gathered earlier today to welcome UNIQLO to the Town Center at Disney Springs - the Japanese brand's first Florida location.

The two-story store offers a huge range of casual clothing, from basic shirts, sportswear, dresses and Disney-Inspired items.

You will find clothing and accessories for women, men, children and infants - at comparatively low prices. Many items are priced around $20.

The store carries a large selection of graphic T-Shirts, including Star Wars, LEGO, and Disney PIXAR.

Click through the gallery for more photos of UNIQLO at Disney Springs.

UNIQLO is open Sunday to Thursday 10am to 11pm, and 10am to 11:30pm Friday and Saturday. It is located on the corner of the Town Center nearest to World of Disney, and just across from the Lime Parking Garage entrance.

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Next Big ThingJul 29, 2016

As I said earlier in the thread, it's my favorite store in Orlando now. The sizes were off, yes, but you can still find something that fits. You just may have to go a size smaller than normal.

StageFrenzyJul 29, 2016


Next Big ThingJul 22, 2016

They gave us the "Orlando" sizes ;)

articosJul 22, 2016

Definitely not the same sizing as what I've gotten in the past in NY and LA then. That's disappointing. :(

Jon81ukJul 21, 2016

I assume they must have different sizing for the US then compared to Europe. I am about a 38" chest and 31" waist and fit somewhere between Small and Medium in Uniqlo t-shirts and shirts.

halltdJul 21, 2016

Do they have a kids section? ;)

Jon81ukJul 20, 2016

Zero That's like expecting Old Navy to have something with a DisneyWorld logo. Although Uniqlo sells t-shirts with Disney characters they are licenced for the whole world.

Next Big ThingJul 20, 2016

They didn't when I was there. It was generic Disney characters (or Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar) on very comfortable shirts. The Disney merchandise in the store was some of the most expensive stuff I came across at around $20-25.

RSoxNo1Jul 20, 2016

What are the odds they'd have Tokyo Disney logo'd items?

JordanKingJul 20, 2016

Tried on "smalls" here the other day and felt like I was swimming in them. The clothes are way too big for me :(

articosJul 20, 2016

NYC and SF/LA have had a decent amount of anime t's in the past. One of mine as well. I was genuinely excited to see the brand on the store listing for DS. I liked their fits, so if they have adjusted larger, I'm disappointed.

StageFrenzyJul 19, 2016

I was hoping that the sizing would be on the smaller side so I could buy a Disney shirt without swimming in it.

Next Big ThingJul 19, 2016

And it's my new favorite clothing store already.

mimitchi33Jul 18, 2016

It's cool they're opening a Japanese fashion store at Disney. Although it is a Japanese company, it's very rare to find anime shirts at ANY Uniqlo store, from my experience. The one at my local mall usually only has shirts with superheroes, Star Wars and Disney on them. However, someone in New York once found a Himitsu no Akko-chan shirt at the SoHo location. I haven't seen any Pokémon shirts sold by UniQlo. Your best bet for Pokémon clothes at Disney is Mitsukoshi in EPCOT, which has a whole selection of Pokémon stuff.