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Jun 01, 2016 in "Trophy Room"

Trophy Room overview
Posted: Wednesday June 1, 2016 9:27am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Trophy Room is now open in the Town Center at Disney Springs.

Founded by Marcus Jordan, the store is inspired by the real-life trophy room of his father, Michael Jordan. 

Along with the range of high-end sneakers, you'll find exclusive merchandise and memorabilia from the Jordan family.

The store is open Sunday through Thursday from 10am to 11pm and Friday through Saturday 10am to 11:30pm.

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JenniferSMay 02, 2019

It always felt more like a vanity project than a retail store. We went in every trip and spent 15-20 minutes looking around, taking pics of the memorabilia and photos on the walls, and being totally ignored by the hipster staff. Hubby was a Michael Jordan fan back when MJ played for Dean Smith; before anybody had even heard of him. Much like visiting the Dean Dome at UNC clicked all the nostalgia boxes for him, wandering around this store should have done the same. Never bought anything. Probably couldn’t have, even if we’d wanted to. Nothing had a price sticker on it, and hipster sales dudes don’t waste their time conversing with 50 year old die hard UNC/MJ fans. Pity. That’s who has the money to buy their overpriced* merchandise. * My opinion. Hubby would probably disagree.

Disstevefan1Apr 30, 2019

Tenants of the Disney Mal... er, I mean, Disney Springs come and go, but the landlord, Disney always wins!

jt04Apr 29, 2019

People complained DS was just another mall without unique stores. This was a unique offering. Sorry I am missing it at DS. However I think I might have an idea where it is relocating to. And it could be even better.

Kman101Apr 27, 2019

They both really do have some good Disney merch. And back on topic, I didn't think Trophy Room was a great fit. Wasn't surprised to hear it's closing in DS and relocating.

Cmdr_CrimsonApr 27, 2019

Stores like Hot Topic and Box Lunch have better Disney merch and would work perfectly in the Springs...

World_Showcase_Lover007Apr 27, 2019

Closing?...never heard of it....

raymusiccityApr 25, 2019

I'm willing to bet they're 'relocating' online! Doesn't look like a sustainable model for a brick and mortar operation.

DisneyJayLApr 25, 2019

Well Dang.

jt04Apr 24, 2019

I was at Disney Springs shortly before it opened and plan to be back next year. Guess I'll be going to the new location now though. And Disney Springs of course. Maybe even some theme parks. Although saving Galaxy Edge for my Disneyland trip. Thanks for your concern.

ObobruApr 24, 2019

It was open for about 3 years, you talk as though you go to WDW often but this comment makes me think you rarely go or have never been.

Horizons '83Apr 24, 2019

Yeah the business model never really made sense for DS.

SkywiseApr 24, 2019

Interesting - you'd think this would be almost a perfect fit near (or in!) the NBA experience.

danlb_2000Apr 24, 2019

According to the article it is relocating... "According to the company, the store will be shifting operations to online-only as the boutique relocates in the Orlando area. Details of the relocation are not yet available."

jt04Apr 24, 2019

Kind of hoping they have decided to relocate and not depart Orlando. Definitely was one of the venues I most was looking forward to visiting at Disney Springs.