PHOTOS - The Art of Disney Presents Greg McCullough now open at Disney Springs

Nov 05, 2018 in "The Art of Disney Presents Greg McCullough"

The Art of Disney Presents Greg McCullough overview
Posted: Monday November 5, 2018 9:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Art of Disney Presents Greg McCullough is now open in the Marketplace at Disney Springs.

Located in the former Little Missmatched , the popup store will be open during the holiday season, and is showcasing works by popular Disney artist, Greg McCullough.

Original works of art, limited-editions, and prints are available, alongside some unique pieces from his Disney Remnants and Abstract Remnants Collections – mosaic collections created by recycling unused oil pant.

Pricing ranges from $30 for small prints, to over $70,000 for original pieces like the Sorcerer Mickey pictured above.

You can meet the artist, have pieces signed, and possibly even catch him painting live every day, except Mondays, from 1pm-7:30pm now through January 1 2019.

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Andrew CNov 06, 2018

Go visit it if you miss it.

Jambo JoeNov 06, 2018

Golly I really miss the sock store.🙄

wdwmagicNov 05, 2018

PHOTOS - The Art of Disney Presents Greg McCullough now open at Disney Springs

trainplane3Oct 10, 2018

When I spoke to him, it sounds like Disney commissioned (contracted?) him to do art for them. Then he just stuck around because his art sold well enough to do more. I may be off a bit on this though... We said the mouse must be paying you quite a bit to do this art (as a joke!) and he responded with "enough to keep me down in Orlando". That was 4-5ish years ago, when he planned on only doing it for another 3. Obviously plans changed! He's a great guy and I'm glad he's getting more recognition. Fun fact: He originally did a giant version of his "Dream it, Do it" in one of the houses in Celebration (believe it was there). Then after that he got permission to sell it as a regular print/giclee/poster in the parks.

ThatMouseOct 10, 2018

Disney can't find a tenant to move in and they don't want it empty over the holidays. It would be interesting to know what kind of deal Greg got! Is it rude to ask him? lol

Gitson ShigglesOct 09, 2018

An Art of Disney store for one artist? Wow.

wdwmagicOct 09, 2018

'The Art of Disney Presents Greg McCullough' to open in the former Little Mismacthed store for the holidays

jt04Sep 20, 2018

Art of Disney is a must for DS IMO.

Dumbofan1889Sep 16, 2018

Sounds cool i wish the tickets to disney world where cheaper than i could go to disney springs :)

RSoxNo1Sep 15, 2018

I assume this is moving Art of Disney into a bigger space? I don't think I ever went into LittleMissMatched.

Disstevefan1Sep 14, 2018

Tenants come and go in the Disney Mall.. er.. I mean, Disney Springs, but as the landlord, Disney always WIN$$

JordanaousSep 12, 2018

Spoke to Disney artist, Greg McCullough the other day and he said that he's moving into a store at Disney Springs - so it sounds like this will be it. He's bringing some of his original artwork to the gallery, including some ginormous pieces. He said it should be open by November, but didn't ask for an exact date at the time.

the.dreamfinderSep 12, 2018


Jambo JoeSep 12, 2018

Yay socks.:rolleyes: