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Oct 31, 2018 in "Tatooine Traders"

Tatooine Traders refurbishment
Posted: Wednesday October 31, 2018 11:12am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The refurbishment at Tatooine Traders is nearing completion, with most of the construction walls now down.

Although the Studios merchandise locations are moving away from the movie-set look, there are still themed-elements inside the store.

The photo location has been removed, and has been replaced with a large build-your-own lightsaber section.

On the outside, some of the large trees that were planted between Star Tours and Grand Avenue have been removed.

Click the gallery for more photos of the new-look Tatooine Traders at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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briangawNov 19, 2018

Yeah I have been wondering the same thing. I am thinking food cart area. Weird that they ripped out everything they just planted to do it.

Kman101Nov 17, 2018

Too bad they didn't place the land and it's entrance, you know, next to Star Tours ... but I guess that would kill an Indy expansion. And I know their excuse was they wanted a draw at the end of streets (Radiator Springs would have worked; just saying ...). I just think they could have done it differently, but I'm not making the decisions, lol.

YodaManNov 17, 2018

Anyone know what they’re building right outside the entrance? It looks like a small structure like a DVC kiosk or food stand.

HauntedMansionFLANov 05, 2018

I was there this morning and I like how open the area is now. On a side note, I haven’t seen DHS this packed by 9:30 a.m. it will be crazy crowded when the new attractions come next year.

ChrisFLNov 02, 2018

Between this and the changes to the World of Disney store, I'm liking the direction, if only because it should allow for much better flow of people (and strollers).

HauntedMansionFLANov 02, 2018

Best idea yet

ThatMouseNov 01, 2018

The thing we can do on our phones for free without a green screen? The imagineers are changing their job title to "meet & greet specialist."

trainplane3Nov 01, 2018

As I got off Imagination last week, a group of CMs were yelling across the way/running up to guests to come over and "try out" the picture things. I completely forgot those were still a thing...

raymusiccityNov 01, 2018

That seems to be the minimalist trend that Disney's chasing right now. It is a good idea, though, to get rid of all of the 'custom photo' stations from all of the gift shops. That ship has sailed awhile ago.

Disstevefan1Nov 01, 2018

It looks more open and bigger than I remember it. It does not look like there is much themeing, unless cement floors and open ceilings IS the theme?

Goofyque'Nov 01, 2018

Thanks for the photos! Looks cleaner and less congested, hope it stays that way! ;)

Missing20KNov 01, 2018

A plus in my book would be to ditch the Banksy treatment entirely. Wishful thinking I know.

larryzNov 01, 2018

You could just stop at "Body Tours::"

raymusiccityNov 01, 2018

You nailed it. 'Body Tours' sponsored by Dramamine !