Sound Lion now closed at Disney Springs

May 01, 2017 in "Sound Lion"

Posted: Monday May 1, 2017 8:21am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Sound Lion in The Landing at Disney Springs is now permanently closed.

The store which opened in February 2015 sold a range of headphones, earbuds, bluetooth speakers and accessories. 

A new store is already lined-up to take over the space, so expect an announcement on that soon.

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WDWtravelerSep 22, 2017

Photo update as of Thursday, September 21. The outdoor kiosk formerly occupied by the Savannah Bee Company is now branded to become Swings N' Things by The Hammock Experts. Not open yet.

anchorman314Sep 18, 2017

I highly recommend the Tupelo Honey. YUM!

disneygeek90Sep 18, 2017

Unique, interesting and visually intriguing. I would expect this to do well. I will be checking it out next time I'm at DS.

BoltSep 18, 2017

To me, this is an example of stores I want to see at Disney Springs. It offers an experience as well as a sales component. Even if I don't buy anything, it's something I would check out each time (to get free honey).

WDWtravelerSep 17, 2017

Photo update as of Saturday, September 16. The Savannah Bee Company opened its doors in the new location on Thursday, September 14. Inside the standard front doors are a set of wooden doors with honey-colored wire screens. A novel tasting "Honey Bar" displays the various kinds of honey for sale. The bright white walls and backlighting highlight the different shades of honey in the displays. Skin care and honey soaps are displayed on shelves in the back.

Next Big ThingAug 24, 2017

"The elevated train, by my window doesn't phase me anymore..." Oh, sorry, forgot we were talking about Disney for a second ;)

wdwmagicAug 24, 2017

It wont be long

MisterPenguinAug 24, 2017

The bees can only carry so much at a time.

BartattackAug 24, 2017

euhm... is it just me, or is this move taking a long time? It's still not open, is it?

djkidkazAug 12, 2017

You're supposed to put that honey on your face, not eat it.

Mouse DetectiveAug 10, 2017

They sell honey? I thought it was a cosmetics store!

DisneyDebRobAug 05, 2017

A side note to anyone that hasn't tried the honey at savannah bee, it's addictive. Bought a few jars from the kiosk they had to take home and ended up ordering tons more online. The best honey I have ever had. A welcome addition!

ford91exploderJul 09, 2017

The company may fail (and probably will) the parks will just be sold to someone who actually WANTS to run them unlike TWDC who likes the cash the parks generate but don't want to be in the themed entertainment business.

danlb_2000Jul 09, 2017

There were two locations in Mass. but it appears they both closed. As far as I can tell the whole company is gone now.