Sosa Family Cigar Co. to permanently close at Disney Springs

Dec 30, 2022 in "Sosa Family Cigar Co"

Posted: Friday December 30, 2022 8:56am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Sosa Family Cigar Co. at Disney Springs will have its final day of operation on January 2, 2023.

The cigar shop has been a long-standing tenant at Walt Disney World, with a location in the former Pleasure Island, and the current location on the West Side since the early 2000s.

No word yet on what will replace Sosa Cigar, but its prime location on the West Side would suggest a new tenant is imminent.

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HakunamatataAug 01, 2023

Looks like the Bowes location in the co-op has been removed.

HakunamatataJul 18, 2023

This is a minus considering they already have two locations at the Springs.

DCBakerJul 18, 2023

Appears Bowes Signature Candles will go into the former Sosa Family Cigar Co. location.

Prince-1Jan 07, 2023

Drinking is legal. Pot is illegal. Not happening.

SkywiseJan 07, 2023

Don't count your chickens - drinking was banned at the parks at one time, too and, as we all know, pot smoking is HeAlThY.

GinzuishouJan 06, 2023

Never knew it existed and I have no problem with it closing. I can't stand the smoke.

LilofanJan 05, 2023

Some dull the senses to deal with a Disney vacation.

Prince-1Jan 05, 2023

Oh people definitely bring it in but it’s not seen or smelt all over the park.

HauntedPirateJan 05, 2023

It’s not like illicit drugs haven’t been brought into the parks for years. Places we thought we’d never smell pot, we have.

NunuJan 05, 2023

Yes, that's correct.

RSoxNo1Jan 05, 2023

I believe this pre-dated Disney Springs, right?

Prince-1Jan 04, 2023

We won't.

SkywiseJan 03, 2023

That was the norm back then. Social etiquette suggested one for every 1-2 people. My grandparents would hold bridge club meets at their house once a month for about 20+ people and would, literally have 20 ashtrays out. This was in the 70s and my grandparents had quit in the 60s. The grandparents on my dad's side of the family were still buying cartons of them per week and giving them to their college aged children still living in the house! By the end of the 70s that all came to a halt on both sides of the family.

SkywiseJan 03, 2023

But you can't smoke them in the room or on the balcony? And frankly I'd prefer the cigar smoke to all the pot and pot vaping all over the strip at Vegas. Wondering if we'll ever see that trend in Disney's parks