Planet Hollywood Super Store to close at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jan 24, 2019 in "Planet Hollywood Super Store"

Posted: Thursday January 24, 2019 4:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Planet Hollywood Super Store at Disney's Hollywood Studios is set to close next month, with Legends of Hollywood planned to takeover the space as part of an expansion.

The final day of operation for Planet Hollywood Super Store will be February 2 2019, but you can continue to find Planet Hollywood merchandise at the Disney Springs location inside the restaurant.

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YodaManFeb 26, 2019

Somewhat related, but Legends goes down for refurb on March 1. Keystone follows on March 3.

MovieloverFeb 26, 2019

It's very vague but the time setting changes as you move further down Sunset. You start out at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset in the beginning of the golden age of Hollywood, the 20's. Pass through the 30's with the Carthay Circle "theater". The 40's and WW2 in the area around Rosie's and the market is next before jumping to the 90's with RNRC then resting with "Present Day" at TOT.

wdwmagicFeb 25, 2019

BTW here is a look at the now closed store for old times sake. It definitely has a vintage MGM feel to it.

Sharon&SusanFeb 03, 2019

Wasn’t it originally the 1940’s (with Dick Tracy, A Disney Studios replica, Mel Brook’s Universal Monsters parody attractions and Roger Rabbit being all planned attractions that supported the 1940’s theme) and they changed the backstory while they were developing RNRCWA?

marni1971Feb 03, 2019

Sunset is present day. As we know.

TrojanUSCFeb 03, 2019

At one point the plan was to have the restaurant straddle the entrance to the park, sort of like Rainforest at DAK.

DisneyDreamerxyzFeb 02, 2019

I went in Planet Hollywood last night and talked with an employee - she said that she is not employed by Disney but directly through Planet Hollywood, and all the people who work at the store at Studios have the option to move to the one in Springs if they want to. She also told me they will be knocking down the wall and making the Disney store next to it bigger. (Legends of Hollywood), which is kinda small so it makes sense.

tomastJan 30, 2019

I think it was a cool store, a place where you can see some clasic movies props that don't belong to Disney itself. It was a really good addition to the original theming of the park, Hollywood, but not only it, but the magic of movie-making, the sets, The props, the costumes,the effects. You were not supposed to walk through New York, instead you were supposed to see that you where walking on a set that looks like NY. And that was great. But nowadays most of those things are done on a computer and there is no need for a park about that. So I think PH store was a nice thing but it's time for it to say good bye... BTW: the outside of the store was really nice.

Hawkeye_2018Jan 29, 2019

The life size Terminator 2 statue was pretty cool.

JohnDJan 28, 2019

Because we all know that Rockin Roller Coaster with Aerosmith is Old School Hollywood. Got it.

tissandtullyJan 28, 2019

The initial theme for Sunset Blvd was old school Hollywood, not shirts from a theme restaurant and Mighty morphin power rangers props. It seemed to just not belong, or was forced branding.

JohnDJan 28, 2019

Um, Hollywood? Since there is already a Planet Hollywood at DS, they tried extending the store to Hollywood Studios.

Indy_UKJan 28, 2019

Yay, I hate this store....

No NameJan 27, 2019

Granted the merchandise sold within the store seemed to fit the theme of the park to a T. I'm not sure the replacement will be better in that regard.