lululemon store coming to Disney Springs replacing the Trophy Room

Mar 05, 2020 in "lululemon"

lululemon Disney Springs
Posted: Thursday March 5, 2020 8:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fitness apparel store Lululemon is coming to Disney Springs later this year.

lululemon athletica, is an athletic apparel retailer headquartered in Vancouver. Founded in 1998 as a retailer of yoga pants and other yoga wear, Lululemon has since expanded to sell its products internationally in 460 stores as well as online.

Lululemon will takeover the space previously occupied by the Trophy Room in the Town Center.

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halltdAug 20, 2020

Compared to the scale of the facade they’re on the other signs don’t seem this big though. Maybe it’s because their name is long, or because it’s pure white...I dunno. It just seems out of scale to this facade....and also seems cheap. Just my opinion.

Lil Copter CapAug 20, 2020

I’m unsure of what you mean? Most every store has huge signage unless they’re a smaller boutique store (Stance comes to mind) But even then... Under Armor next door has a massive emblem, World of Disney is probably the largest sign in existence at DS, Uniqlo is bright red, etc, etc.

halltdAug 20, 2020

WHOA! It's a pedestrian mall. Why do they need a sign that massive and that high up? OUCH! I don't remember any other retailer having signage this giant. But, maybe I'm forgetting. This design is definitely leaning more generic outlet mall and less immersive themed environment. :(

Walt dAug 20, 2020

Yes” that would rock!

Walt dAug 20, 2020

Oooh “ r”j”s gota love it”

Lil Copter CapAug 09, 2020

They won’t be offering any Disney-branded apparel. Perhaps much later down the line, but there are no plans as of now.

Rose&CrownAug 09, 2020

Wonder if they’ll do any disney branded clothing

Lil Copter CapAug 08, 2020

Plan is to open by the end of the month. Construction delays have caused multiple push backs.

Magic FeatherAug 07, 2020

Supposedly the interior is really close to being done. I could see this opening by the end of the month.

WDWtravelerAug 06, 2020

Photo update as of Thursday, August 6, 2020. The signage has been up for several days now.

LilofanMay 25, 2020

There are many locations of lululemon all over the USA ( if they are open ). Better to buy locally so one doesn't have to search for a store while on vacation in Orlando.

RteetzMay 24, 2020

Many don’t have vehicles at WDW.

invaderMay 24, 2020

They’ve already got stores in Winter Park and Millenia and they’ve recently closed their outlet to move into a larger outlet store. Excited for this but not quite sure I understand it, you’re better off taking the two minute drive down 535.