Lucky Brand at Disney Springs to close

Oct 24, 2020 in "Lucky Brand"

Posted: Saturday October 24, 2020 4:08pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Lucky Brand at Disney Springs will have its final day of operation today, and will be permanently closed effective October 25 2020.

The store originally opened along with the Town Center expansion, and did reopen as part of the phased reopening of Disney Springs.

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FigmentFan82Nov 19, 2020

this is a funny joke

jaxonpNov 19, 2020

I’ve heard rumors that Louis Vuitton has looked at space. Way more high end than anything there but would probably be a slam dunk regardless. LVs always have lines. I should say people from LVMH have looked... for what that’s worth.

wdwmagicNov 19, 2020

Something is already underway to replace the store.

jaxonpNov 19, 2020

People don't understand this concept. 501 is a cut not a finish product... they use different quality materials and construction methods at higher price points. Think of 501 as a sedan. Theres lots of sedans sold by GM... some are sold at cheaper prices like chevy and some are sold at higher prices like caddy.

jaxonpNov 19, 2020

Just because they share the same brand names doesn't mean each jean is the same thing. Levi has different qualities up and down its product offering. There is a big difference in quality between a $30 and $200 pair of jeans.

djkidkazNov 18, 2020

Bring back the Gyro stand from Pleasure Island!

jmuboyNov 03, 2020

Lol - I needed this laugh! I’m 40 :-)

icc2515Nov 02, 2020

I need context for this statement. How old are you now 30...50? How many years am I out of style walking around in my Lucky Jeans. Should I switch back to my parachute pants? Is it still Hammer time?

the.dreamfinderOct 31, 2020

They’re really not. The quality went down, prices stayed the same.

jmuboyOct 31, 2020

I used to love Lucky brand in my 20s. But not sure how in fashion they are anymore

lewiscOct 30, 2020

Simon operates some "entertainment" malls such as Forum Shops at Caesars in Vegas. First time I went to DS I went to Simons site to see if they are operating DS. Its not listed.

RSoxNo1Oct 30, 2020

Their real mistake was to stop selling cigarettes.

LilofanOct 29, 2020

The member have give feedback on actual sections of Orlando that were ghetto. Did you want him to break it down to an actual street address?

MickeyLuv'rOct 29, 2020

Having splurged a few times for expensive jeans.... I think I now know better. In the past year, I seriously bought $15 jeans that fit much better than the $100 pair I once bought. Mind, sometimes quality is worth buying; sometimes it is a scam. About 10 years back, I bought an expensive dishwasher that turned out to be a piece of junk. From day 1, it was lousy, then it completely broke within a year. (Repair guy said the model was overpriced junk; he'd seen many fail.) I replaced it with one that cost 1/4 the price and it has worked extremely well ever since. Clothing brands in particular are often a product of marketing over actual quality.