LittleMissMatched in the Disney Springs Marketplace to close

Feb 17, 2018 in "LittleMissMatched"

Posted: Saturday February 17, 2018 8:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

LittleMissMatched at Disney Springs will have its last day of operation on February 25 2018.

The Marketplace store, which sells girls socks, permanently opened on April 2011 at what was then Downtown Disney following a test store on the West Side.

Disney is yet to announced a replacement store, but there are several plans under consideration, ranging from another store to a very different repurposing of the area.

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DisneyDreamerxyzAug 09, 2019

is this space sitting empty ever since that artist took it over, or did the Art of Disney move in here?

carniniOct 17, 2018

I was unaware its been closed so long as I have not been to disney springs in a year+. I still get their online deals weekly so assumed they where still open...sad to know they are not.

Horizons '83Oct 10, 2018

This closed 9 months ago.

carniniOct 10, 2018

kinda bummed, found out today that it was closing. My kids loved the store, had some good and funky clothes for my kids. That being said I have bought several things via their online store so hoping that brand lives on.

Kman101Mar 13, 2018

Thank you Steve, I understand you can't say yet.

wdwmagicMar 13, 2018

There are a couple of options, but I dont know if its finalized yet, so I don't want to say.

Kman101Mar 13, 2018

I never went in there (and I have zero memory of being in there before it was LittleMissMatched, although I'm sure I was), not geared towards me, but is it a fairly large shop? Do we have any idea what's going in there? (I know Steve's article said nothing was announced, of course)

WDWtravelerMar 12, 2018

Photo update as of Monday, March 12, 2018. The Little Miss Matched sign is painted over.

wdwmagicFeb 23, 2018

Correct. All of the closures so far at Disney Springs have been related to the third party business owner as a whole.

JenniferSFeb 23, 2018

You followed my trip report last September, you know my thoughts on Stance. Two giant πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž Worst customer service eva!

Uncle LupeFeb 22, 2018

Heavily laden with sarcasm.

LuvtheGoofFeb 21, 2018

So it isn’t Disney forcing the closing. Seems some people, as usual lately, jumped on the blame Disney bandwagon before getting all the facts. Go figure.

markcFeb 21, 2018

This closure has nothing to do with DS Springs lack of foot traffic or any other issue related to Disney. This was a business decision due to the current state of Little Miss Matched. Their parent company Delta Galil is in the process of winding things down with the brand and licensing the branding to another company at this point. They purchased it several years ago but never saw the returns they had initially expected from it, and instead are focusing their efforts on some other brands they recently purchased.

Tony the TiggerFeb 20, 2018

Well that explains it. You sell socks in three’s, you go down. πŸ˜‰