Magic Kingdom's Island Supply to reopen as Sunglass Hut in early January

Dec 26, 2014 in "Island Supply by Sunglass Hut"

Posted: Friday December 26, 2014 11:18am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

As expected, Island Supply in the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland will open as a Sunglass Hut in the new year.

Opening on January 8 2015, the Island Supply Sunglass Hut will sell a range of high-end sunglasses such as Ray Ban and Oakley. Sunglass Hut operates stores throughout the country, and a flagship store at Downtown Disney West Side.

Island Supply closed on October 22 2014 where it had previously sold a range of clothing and accessories.

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SteamboatStitchMar 16, 2015

Is it weird of me that one of the things that strikes out most is the bare ceiling? The old look had more going on to distract you from the blue...ness.

bhg469Mar 16, 2015

I once ordered sunglasses for myself that happened to be a bit cheaper in the UK even with shipping. After they arrived I got slapped with additional charges around $50 for FDA charges through fedex . The lenses were treated and qualified for the FDA to clear them somehow... I was livid. I heard once that bazilians can sometimes pay for their entire vacation by buying electronics and selling them back home. That's not a bad deal For them I suppose. As far as sunglass hut, much like the new stores at DTD, and I've said this in other threads it feels like an airport terminal with these brands suddenly showing up on property.

note2001Mar 16, 2015

They don't need to replace it, just give it more diversity and color. Is it really as dark and monochromatic on the brown/tan side in that store as the pictures seem to tell? If so, how do they encourage folk to buy sunglasses in there? Seems to be an infestation of overpriced sunglasses in there. What they need are some straw soled flip flops, island style hats, Hawaiian shirts, sun dresses, a few coconuts ... basically, bring back what was there, but add in a few high end sunglasses cases.

wsmith1978Mar 16, 2015

Big improvement! Now if they could just replace the inside... :p

RayTheFireflyMar 16, 2015

MUCH better. :)

wdwmagicMar 16, 2015

For those of you who were not keen on the signage, it has been updated. PHOTOS - Island Supply by Sunglass Hut gets new store-front signage

SnarkyMonkeyFeb 04, 2015

There are definitely sunglasses at Sunglass Hut for less than $150. I just visited their website and the very first thing you see is glasses for $79.99. Ray Ban Juniors are listed at $71.95 and there are Guess glasses for $72 and a few others under $100.

JWGFeb 04, 2015

Woah woah woah... where did you see $100 Ray-Ban sunglasses anywhere? I don't think I've seen a pair of sunglasses in Sunglass Hut for less than $150. :)

dstrawn9889Feb 03, 2015


wdwmagicFeb 03, 2015

LOL no worries - I probably wasn't clear.

note2001Feb 03, 2015

Who is shrinking the product and are there head hunters involved!? :cautious: (eyes jungle cruise suspiciously and tip toes away) Ah, now that that's out... going back to my corner...

DisDanFeb 03, 2015

Ahh I see....Sorry, I misinterpreted your comments. :)

wdwmagicFeb 03, 2015

They don't conflict. I am saying that the pricing at the WDW locations is the same as at all the other Sunglass Hut locations. And that when they made the arrangements with Disney, they went into it knowing what level of product shrinkage would occur. Which I am sure they do at every location they open.

DisDanFeb 03, 2015

BTW.. I've bought Sunglasses from Sun Glass hut so I am just curious. I love Maui Jim. :)