Epcot's Gateway Gifts closing for short refurbishment next week

Jan 08, 2020 in "Gateway Gifts"

Gateway Gifts overview
Posted: Wednesday January 8, 2020 2:44pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Gateway Gifts will be closing for a brief refurbishment next week.

The gift shop located underneath Spaceship Earth on the eastern side will close from January 13 through to January 18, reopening to guests on January 19 2020.

This will complete the remodel of the stores by Spaceship earth, with the Camera Center on the western side already back in operation after its refurbishment.

In other gift shop news, the Gift Stop store, located outside of the main entrance near to the bus stops will have its final day of operation on January 18 2020.

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monothingie7 minutes ago

Unless they’re strobe lights.

lazyboy97o12 minutes ago

Wait, lights aren’t the same as giant robots?

peter1143523 minutes ago

I literally just said “I can’t speak for what specific days”, sorry I don’t keep track of the date of every failure I observe. I never said it didn’t work “all the time”

HauntedPirate25 minutes ago

monothingie27 minutes ago

Which days? You’re the one saying that it didn’t work all the time, tell me which ones, otherwise you’re just peddling garbage.

monothingie29 minutes ago

It was poorly designed and not durable for guest use. Repairing it was not feasible without causing disruption so it was covered over. Sorry, it was not designed properly and costly and disruptive to repair, so they shut it off.

HauntedPirate29 minutes ago

Can’t fault NPH for that yesterday afternoon. Maybe yesterday morning but… 😉

peter1143532 minutes ago

You watch EPCOT forever 5 days a week? I can’t speak for what specific days of the week it was. But there have definitely been days it hasn’t lit during Epcot Forever.

peter1143534 minutes ago

It hasn’t even been one week. Jumping to speculation about shutting them down at this point is absurd. That is not what is happening with the tron queue. The yeti being turned off was not because of it being costly to maintain or unreliable. Again… false equivalency.

monothingie37 minutes ago

So only Tuesdays and Thursdays it didn’t work? Come on man do better than that.

monothingie39 minutes ago

Disney has an undisputed and proven record of shutting down effects that are costly to maintain or unreliable in use. Most recently they did that in the queue of the new TRON attraction. Most famously they did that with the Yeti. You seem to ignore this and just say they won’t do any of that, take my word for it. Sorry but no.

peter1143539 minutes ago

Not every night…

monothingie41 minutes ago

You do realize it was working properly when Epcot Forever was being run right?

peter1143542 minutes ago

I never stated an opinion. I stated a fact. That you still want to find equivalency between these two items shows your lack of knowledge.