Epcot's Gateway Gifts closing for short refurbishment next week

Jan 08, 2020 in "Gateway Gifts"

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Posted: Wednesday January 8, 2020 2:44pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Gateway Gifts will be closing for a brief refurbishment next week.

The gift shop located underneath Spaceship Earth on the eastern side will close from January 13 through to January 18, reopening to guests on January 19 2020.

This will complete the remodel of the stores by Spaceship earth, with the Camera Center on the western side already back in operation after its refurbishment.

In other gift shop news, the Gift Stop store, located outside of the main entrance near to the bus stops will have its final day of operation on January 18 2020.

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dreamfinding6 minutes ago

Speaking of him - what in the world happened to him? He never posts anymore

MisterPenguin12 minutes ago

You know what we need? An imagineer who has an almost compulsive concern for flooring!

Haymarket20081 hour ago

I'm surprised that the entire pavement section of the main entrance to World Discovery hasn't been changed despite a refurbished DVC kiosk/merch cart/splash pad/entry to Connections....still has the Innoventions patterns.

Epcot82Guy1 hour ago

Let alone the one on the right was originally designed as a literal hallway, where the attraction spaces sat next to it (meaning all of CC here, vs. that particular section).

Bocabear2 hours ago

yeah but the one on the right has some architectural interest...the gint exagerrated skylights and the glass window walls are pretty fabulous... It could use more, but already has beautiful ones to work with... THe other is just a box...nothing to see there....

rd8052 hours ago

TBH - they both suck and lack the Disney extra touch.

Chef idea Mickey`=2 hours ago

I love the right but still not the best for now. The left looks like a warehouse. They both can look like college campus halls but the Grey's is bland..why not colored chairs and tables to go with the flags..? Speaking of warehouses and college campus that fits well with Big Hero 6, bring back Baymax!!!!

UNCgolf2 hours ago

I don't think it's hard to understand why people are excited about/happy with the current EPCOT -- it's certainly better than what's been there for most of this century, and that's all many people ever experienced. I think it's still significantly worse essentially across the board than the EPCOT that existed at its best (the attraction lineup today is much weaker and probably has less capacity too, for one), but EPCOT at its height was the best theme park I've ever seen. That's a high bar to clear, and no other park (Disney or non-Disney) has done it -- plus it's been gone for nearly 30 years.

mightynine2 hours ago

Who wore it better?

Chef idea Mickey`=2 hours ago

My defense is only off what has become with the exterior. Had they upgraded everything on the insides makes sense. It was supposed to be updated a park within a theme park, not a college campus park. Ouch I wonder if Epic Universe bringing a park back into a park is a let's show you how it's suppose to be done! 😵

wdwmagic3 hours ago

No word on that yet. I was hoping/expecting it to be done with CommuniCore Plaza.

James Alucobond3 hours ago

The bridge, parts of World Nature, Imagination, and the rhomboid checkerboard at the front of World Discovery still need help. And if they get to the bridge, they should mirror the planters on the east side over on the west side where the secondary splash pad used to be.

Henry Mystic3 hours ago

Do you know if they intend to replace that area? I was thinking about that last time I was there that they’d probably address it at some point, but if not that’s unfortunate.

Chef idea Mickey`=3 hours ago

You face the stage toward the hub, however I read heard it was built in that matter for if it's too sunny in view they could switch the show the other direction and the audience would have a covering. I'm not sure if that is actually true or not. You mean adding life to you means the stage performances at you when in your standing in the center?