PHOTOS - Filthy Rich brings celebrity-inspired jewelry to Disney Springs at cut prices

May 12, 2016 in "Filthy Rich"

Filthy Rich
Posted: Thursday May 12, 2016 3:13pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Filthy Rich will open a kiosk in Disney Springs this Sunday, offering a range of cut-price jewelry.

The store aims to offer celebrity inspired jewelry - authentic replicas of iconic jewelry and accessories worn by past Hollywood legends and current style icons.

Filthy Rich opens May 15 2016, and is located between T-REX and Paddlefish.

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zzoinksMay 15, 2016

I'm glad they're only selling "authentic replicas" and none of those fake replicas. -Brett.

Dizz Fan '99May 13, 2016

I agree! I would feel foolish walking up to that shop and I'm not "Rich" enough to look there.

DManRightHereMay 12, 2016

I am not a fan of the name. It just makes me want to open a store called "Poor as Dirt".