Erwin Pearl at Disney Springs to close

Dec 30, 2019 in "Erwin Pearl"

Posted: Monday December 30, 2019 9:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Erwin Pearl in The Landing at Disney Springs will have its final day of operation on January 6 2020.

Located just across from Raglan Road, the store offered a range of jewelry including necklaces and bracelets, watches and colorful silk scarves. The store has struggled since its opening May 2015 opening, so its closure isn't entirely surprising.

No word yet on a replacement, but in the short term expect a pop-up store to make use of the space.

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KBLovedDisneyDec 31, 2019

I went into this store a couple of times but never bought anything just because the prices were a little wack.

MokaDec 31, 2019

One door closes another opens... I think that’s how it goes. Not sure if it’s the same for stores. ;)

NunuDec 31, 2019

Went into this store just once. I was looking for a ring, the attendant wasn't particularly attentive nor helpful. I remember the space being large compared to Pandora Jewelry. Hopefully, a more interesting vendor takes it's place.

ThatMouseDec 31, 2019

What a shocker, now to cancel my next 4 Disney trips!

DisneyJayLDec 30, 2019

I never even heard of this place.

DisneyJayLDec 30, 2019

There was the headphone store that I just can't remember the name of it. Sound Lion I think.

dreamfinderDec 30, 2019

Believe that was a brand re-orientation by the parent company. Think they closed all their retail locations.

Ravenclaw78Dec 30, 2019

Little Miss Matched closed too. Can't remember whether it was because the parent company was having trouble or Disney wanted the space for Phase 3 construction.

SirwalterraleighDec 30, 2019

I didn’t think it was too many... But we’re talking about the Initial “hook” leases in a n allegedly “great” economy...’s something to watch

RyMickeyDec 30, 2019

I would think that is a decently trafficked corner. But it is true that there was hardly ever anyone in that store whenever you would walk by.

cmartenDec 30, 2019

Curl, Fit2Run, Jordan House off the top of my head

DisneyDreamerxyzDec 30, 2019

almost none. maybe 5 since 2016

SirwalterraleighDec 30, 2019

How many stores have folded since they opened springs? Does anyone know?