Disney unveils deliciously themed 2024 Merch: Disney Eats and Stitch Snack Collections

Dec 29, 2023 in "Emporium"

Posted: Friday December 29, 2023 10:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney foodie fans, get ready for a treat-filled year as shopDisney and Disney Parks gear up to release two new merchandise collections in 2024.

The Disney Eats Snacks Collection, set to debut on shopDisney on January 16 and soon after at Disney Parks, promises to blend the magic of Disney with a twist of culinary delight. This whimsical collection includes a variety of home goods, accessories, and apparel, all themed around beloved Disney Park snacks like ice cream bars, churros, and popcorn.

Highlights include a woven button-up shirt adorned with images of treats, vibrant Disney Parks Food T-Shirts and Spirit Jerseys in Disneyland and Walt Disney World designs, and a unique Disney Eats Popcorn Box Crossbody Bag.

For cozy nights, the Disney Parks Food Short Sleep Set paired with a vanilla-scented Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow ensures sweet dreams. The collection also offers home decor items, such as a Mickey Mouse Popcorn Planter and a Mickey Mouse Caramel Apple Tumbler with Straw, reminiscent of the classic caramel apples found in Disney Parks.

This is just the start of a year-long series of monthly releases from the Disney Eats Collection, including the Disney Eats Pizza Collection launching in February.

Disney will also introduce the Stitch Attacks Snacks series. This playful collection, launching on January 9 on shopDisney, features Stitch engaging with different tasty treats each month. The series begins with a Stitch plush enjoying a Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzel and a corresponding pin set, capturing Stitch's fun-loving spirit.

The Stitch snack merchandise collection arrives at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort in January, with new additions coming every month throughout 2024.

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Fox&HoundDec 30, 2023

Yes these would be much better if they were less busy.

ClassicDisneyDec 30, 2023

I love Disney, bit hate their tackey expensive adult clothes. Less is more. Simple is better. Let's be more classic.

jeanericuser001Dec 29, 2023

I don't know which is worse. To have a shirt with stains from disney food or a shirt with bad pop art of disney food. Honestly would you rather wear a shirt with a bad stain on it or wear a shirt with that food design on it?

Brooklin Disney DadDec 29, 2023

If the Stitch merch and pillow are made in partnership with Squishmallows, they will be a hit!

NunuDec 29, 2023

Only thing I like, is the popcorn box crossbody bag.

Fox&HoundDec 29, 2023

I love some Disney snacks but it is a bit much…

SaucyBoyDec 29, 2023

I take back my comments about the 2024 merch being hideous, this takes the cake.

HauntedPirateDec 29, 2023

Them, and lifestylers.

networkproDec 29, 2023

Gluttons ?

HauntedPirateDec 29, 2023

Who is the target market for this stuff? Outside of the few Stitch things - It’s garish. 😖