Disney's Design-a-Tee at Disney Springs to close

Mar 20, 2018 in "Disney's Design a Tee"

Posted: Tuesday March 20, 2018 11:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Design-a-Tee in the Marketplace at Disney Springs is set to close later this month.

The custom t-shirt store that opened in late 2008, presented by Hanes, allows guests to create custom shirts from over 400 images and apply their own text.

Hanes became a sponsor at Walt Disney World back in 2007, and we understand that the sponsorship agreement has now come to end, resulting in the closure of the store. The apparel company also sponsors Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

No word yet on what will replace Design-a-Tee.

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Jambo JoeSep 08, 2018

I would be more sorry to see it go if they hadnt been using Hanes crap.

SirwalterraleighSep 08, 2018

Its “somewhere”...don’t know if that means where “it’s at”

KnightRoninSep 08, 2018

My family and I used to peruse the selections of designs at the touchscreens and they never seemed to have anything that interested us. It is kinda a shame that this location is closing, but I'm hopeful that something cool will take its place.

AndyS2992Sep 07, 2018

Interesting, Disneyland Paris just opened a service where you can design shirts and jackets with patches and stuff.

ThatMouseSep 07, 2018

If a robot isn't airbrushing my t-shirt, I won't want it. You can customize a few t-shirts online at the ShopDisney, but fan made t-shirts are where it's at for under $30 with shipping.

WDWBigEdSep 07, 2018

I love this shop and sad to hear it's leaving. I will have to stop by.

CreathirSep 07, 2018

What a shame... Honestly, a lot of the in park merch is not what everyone is looking for, this allowed for getting official WDW gear exactly like you liked it.

wdwmagicSep 07, 2018

Disney Design-A-Tee to close this weekend

wdwmagicApr 22, 2018

Yes it was postponed. Still on the cards to close, but no timetable yet.

MisterPenguinApr 22, 2018

They decided to keep Hanes but ditch Aerosmith. The RnRC will be rethemed to a mad rush to create a new black T-shirt with a rock band emblem on it in time for tonight's concert after your current one was no longer acceptable to wear because of harrassment charges filed against that band. So au current.

DisneyDreamerxyzApr 22, 2018

did they change their mind about this closing? it's a month later and it's still open.....hours are posted for it still for rest of April and May.

DisneyDreamerxyzMar 21, 2018

I'm trying to remember but isn't this near where Little Miss Matched was? Are they slowly starting a revamp of this area (along with World of Disney).

HauntedPirateMar 21, 2018

Boo! Must not make a high enough profit margin to survive in today's WDW... :grumpy:

preludevtec01Mar 21, 2018

Why would I want to eat an over priced meal at DS when I could have a better meal at home? You do it for the experience and remebering your trip to WDW as many have mentioned in this thread.