PHOTOS - Disney Style now open at Disney Springs

May 06, 2018 in "Disney Style"

Opening day at Disney Style
Posted: Sunday May 6, 2018 10:42am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Style, the latest store at Disney Springs, is now open on the West Side.

Disney Style offers a curated assortment of fashion forward products, from Spirit Jerseys with nods to Disney Princesses to playful headwear with a Disney twist.

There is also a range of theme park inspired merchandise, including t-shirts, magnets and plush. Dole Whip, Orange Bird and Mickey shaped pretzels feature.

You can even see a couple of ride vehicles on display - a tea cup for a photo-op, and one of the old skyway vehicles from the Magic Kingdom.

You can find Disney Style just across from Starbucks in the former Harley Davidson location. Click the gallery for more pictures of the new Disney Style store at Disney Springs.

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mm121May 08, 2018

looks a bit like a preview of what the new world of disney will look like just hope they dont remove all the characters from the outside

Goofnut1980May 08, 2018

I would love to see the parks go back to specific area merch. I love only being able to find something in one area of the World. The Christmas merchandise should be in Days of Christmas or Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe... Places like that.. Was always so much fun to find the hidden treasure. Instead of exact product in ever store.

Kman101May 08, 2018

I'm actually looking forward to checking the store out ... and I rarely say that, lol, even though I think Disney Springs is a MASSIVE step up. I actually really enjoy strolling around the entire place now.

Kman101May 08, 2018

Good point. It's nicely decorated for a basic store selling Disney themed merchandise. I don't know what more people expect, most stores are going for simple designs now, I think they did a nice job overall. We aren't getting 90s World of Disney decor again (even if we think we should) ...

MrPromeyMay 07, 2018

I agree. In addition to this, I'd love to see Disney expand some of that stuff in the co-op out into full stores. Wasn't that supposed to be the original idea of that space? That they'd test and things that did well might get moved into more full spaces while things that didn't would be replaced? Would love to see a full Wonderground Gallery in DS like they have in DTD at Disneyland and it seems like some space on Westside far off from Art of Disney would be a good place for that although I'd even be okay with one of those smaller shops in the old Pleasure Island space that currently seem to have quick turnover. The theme of that area and the audience they are trying to pull in around there might even be better fits for the art styles Wonderground typically features, too.

SirLinkMay 07, 2018

Is there any cool guy Disney stuff in this location?

RteetzMay 07, 2018

Not all of it is the same things you can get everywhere. Some of the items are unique to this store at least from what I have seen.

ThatMouseMay 07, 2018

I'm not sure what "Disney Style" is? It's not a brand. It looks like the same stuff I see all over. It's more like a marketing gimmick targeting women.

JenniferSMay 06, 2018

Aye. Buddy best stay off Twitter then.

King Racoon 77May 06, 2018

JenniferSMay 06, 2018

?? Did I miss something?

Indy_UKMay 06, 2018

I like the look of it. I’m glad to have a shop that does Disney merch on the west side for once

DisneyDebRobMay 06, 2018

I think it looks good. Got a very clean look to it which I like. Looks small but I guess that’s the whole point, bring some of the merch to the West Side. Looks good!

wdwmagicMay 06, 2018

I think the store is surprisingly well decked out for what it is. And the merchandise wi, likely do every well. For those who are always asking for "more Disney" at Disney Springs, this is a good addition.