The Disney Corner at Disney Springs to close later this month

Oct 26, 2018 in "The Disney Corner"

Posted: Friday October 26, 2018 8:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the grand reopening of World of Disney set for October 27 2018, The Disney Corner at Disney Springs will have its final day of operation on October 31 2018.

The Disney Corner opened in February 2018 as a temporary store during the major refurbishment taking place at World of Disney.

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aladdin2007Aug 19, 2019

I actually feel kinda bad for the cast in the store, some are definitely stressed and over worked. I dont know how they do it, it would be the last place on property I would want to have to work at,,, or shop in for that matter. The majority of it can be found in other easier/nicer locations anyway.

Next Big ThingAug 19, 2019

I was in the store the other night and I agree in part, but what it really makes hard to find is your group/family if you are separated at a point. I know they ripped down the walls to try and make that less of a problem, but now I can't text/call someone and say i'm in the Men's area or whatever. The whole store meshes together. I found this out when trying to find my family after going to the bathroom the other night. Trying to describe where I was to them was next to impossible as there's no "landmarks" within the store to go by anymore.

MisterPenguinAug 19, 2019

WoD was super packed last night. Being a Saturday probably didn't hurt.

MagicHappens1971Aug 19, 2019

I think the new World of Disney is very overwhelming and makes it a lot harder to find things rather than its prior iteration.

Kman101Aug 15, 2019

I find plenty to buy as well (to be fair, I also often wait until it hits the Outlet ... I will pick up a few things here and there but yes, pricing is outrageous, IMO, and they would sell more if they dropped the pricing a bit. 34 dollars for a shirt is a no go for me). I enjoyed the look of the old store but it was chaotic and had a confusing/terrible layout. Much worse than it is now. I hated going in there. I really don't mind the new WoD. It's bare and basic but it's not *that* horrible. I don't know. I'm more turned off by the Disney Store's makeovers (I enjoy brickwork). At least the Florida Mall location isn't sterile yet (I'd rather have brickwork and some magic moments than sterile walls and a large video screen promoting the parks). But to each their own and all. It doesn't have to have a big statute of Mickey or Donald to make it feel 'Disney' to me. But that's me.

jaklgreenAug 15, 2019

I actually have more trouble finding what I want with the new design. When they had the individual rooms, I knew exactly what room to go to to find what I was looking for. Now I have to wander around more to find what I am looking for. AND it is still crazy busy and crowded. It does not feel like a Disney store anymore either. And for some reason it feels smaller.

homerdanceAug 15, 2019

Yeah, its there but isn't the same, the intimate space that was market place is gone.

KBLovedDisneyAug 15, 2019

I will say that the new store design may very well increase sales and flow of people and what have you. Doesn't make me miss the old store any less though.

Jon81ukAug 15, 2019

Marketplace is still there and hasn’t really changed. Still has Goofy’s candy, Rainforest Cafe, the carousel, Christmas store and so on. The Town Center stores are an add on not a replacement.

homerdanceAug 15, 2019

I don't like the new store(or any of the "new" disney stores that they open) But to your point, yes, i am sure there is some report that showed how making it feel like a big box store vs. an intimate space will help guest flow and sales. They have a very easy way to determine if the changes improved sales/reduced theft and was better. But, then again, i preferred the old "downtown disney" market place to the outdoor mall that exists there now, but i am very confident the new mall is more successful then the old marketplace.

Jon81ukAug 15, 2019

and if research shows spending is the same with people staying in the store for less time, that's a good thing as it stops the store feeling overcrowded making it more comfortable for everyone.

MisterPenguinAug 15, 2019

Does anyone think that Disney didn't market-research this to determine what environment the average shopper would spend more money in? That some people don't like it and it makes them want to stay away is a truth for them. Not everyone. It's the very definition of anecdotal evidence. The new store is always packed whenever I go in. There's my anecdote. Unless you have access to research that kept track of time spent in the store previously v. renovated... it's just one's feelings and not objective reality... it might be the case, but one can't claim it's actually the case because they have no proof. Just anecdotal and subjective reports of one's own shopping habits and feelings.

Casper GutmanAug 15, 2019

Not to venture into the weeds, but I’ve encountered usage of the Gruen Transfer in less negative connotations. Certainly bewildering a guest with windowless, labyrinthine spaces in a mall or casino is one application, but so is immersing them in an attractive fantasy of consumption. And I am very aware Victor Gruen had more idealized intentions for the shopping spaces he designed, but ultimately they did in fact lead directly to the proliferation of the malls he so despised. The term is appropriate, if perhaps ungenerous.

Andrew CAug 15, 2019

It is a good then that they made the store experience better. Better flow and use of space. More flexibility that allows changing up of fixtures based on seasons, holidays, etc. Good use of projections. And a greater variety of merchandise.