PHOTOS - Columbia Sportswear Company opens in the Town Center at Disney Springs

Jul 01, 2016 in "Columbia Sportswear Company"

Columbia Sportswear Company overview
Posted: Friday July 1, 2016 8:28am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Columbia Sportswear has opened its new store in the Town Center at Disney Springs.

Located near the entrance of Town Center by Planet Hollywood, the store offers clothing, footwear and accessories.

A 25% discount is available through to July 3 to celebrate the opening of the store.

Operating hours are 10am to 11pm Sunday - Thursday and 10am to 11:30pm Friday and Saturday.

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articosJul 03, 2016

It's not far enough into the opening to make reliable predictions, but so far the numbers are very, very good.

StitchonJul 03, 2016

The average retail lease for a mall is ten years. Chances are the store lineup will remain the same (mostly) until 2026.

articosJul 03, 2016


EthanMagicBandsJul 01, 2016

The economy is good and there is a ton of tourists with cash to spend. Disney Springs may get old after a while for locals, but many of these flagship-type stores are hard to find all in the same location. I expect them to do well for years to come. They aren't my cup of tea being local, but I'm not the target market either.

bhg469Jul 01, 2016

This could hit the outlet mall really hard!

rob0519Jul 01, 2016

Well with the foot traffic brought in by Disney and the locals looking for something new, that's not all that surprising. I found it to be just another mall once I got past the old Market Place.

wdwmagicJul 01, 2016

They are doing extremely well. In many cases they are the high performing stores in the particular brands portfolio.

DisneyWorld30thJul 01, 2016

Good point. I cannot see myself shopping in many of these stores unless they were offering a Disney Springs exclusive product.

danlb_2000Jul 01, 2016

It's probably to early to tell. Even if they are busy now, it could just be the "new" factor. I would assume most of these stores have at least a one year lease, so it will be interesting to see the turnover rate in the future.

DisneyWorld30thJul 01, 2016

Just curious, have the non-Disney stores been busy? Or is this a flop?

bhg469Jul 01, 2016

Columbia PFG shorts > * Ill take marmot over everything else though