Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique expanding at Walt Disney World

Feb 26, 2019 in "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Cinderella Castle"

Posted: Tuesday February 26, 2019 4:39pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is expanding its presence at Walt Disney World this year, with the addition of a new boutique at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, and the expansion of the Magic Kingdom location.

The new boutique at Disney's Grand Floridian resort will be located inside what is currently the Ivy Trellis Salon, which will relocate into Senses – A Disney Spa.

At the Magic Kingdom, work will begin this spring to expand the location, adding more chairs, a very special magic mirror, and a transformation experience that will help guests choose the perfect outfits and accessories. The Magic Kingdom location will remain open during these enhancements and existing reservations will not be affected.

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WDWDreamer4Aug 15, 2019

Has anyone gone to the new BBB in the GF and had their daughter get a makeover? Interested in conflicting information about the Carriage Package. CM are telling people that the new t-shirt, Minnie Ears and purse are included. I cannot believe this is true, but I wanted to know about first hand experiences. TY

JabbasJul 11, 2019

Has anyone been into Castle Couture? I’m curious if it still has the Aurora dress that changes colors. I know it’s a check in now for BBB, I’m just curious if your still allowed in there!

JabbasJul 11, 2019

I’ve never had an issue getting a reservation at CRT. Well let me rephrase, I had two different reservations and I think I booked them about 2-3 months in advance. I did have to cancel both of them, figures. First time I was in the home buying process and second time I had a family emergency. I’m a Florida resident and I’ve always got ever ADR I’ve wanted. Maybe I just don’t pick popular restaurants. We got BOG a few days out once too.

DisneyDreamer08Jun 29, 2019

Thanks, we did eat at CRT once before. It was in 2014 when we were a more manageable party of 3 :) We had a breakfast ADR at 8am. I said then it was a once in a lifetime experience but now I have the mom guilt that my youngest hasn’t been.

DisneyDreamer08Jun 29, 2019

Great to know, thanks! This is also a ‘maybe’ on our list :)

ImperfectPixieJun 29, 2019

For what it's worth, 1900 Park Fare is one of our favorite buffets. I'll eat just about anything, but hubby and both my boys are super picky and they serve something each of us likes (I tend to take a little bit of just about everything).

MisterPenguinJun 29, 2019

CRT has a surcharge for the small room and eating in "an actual castle". If your girls are just about the M&G, the cheaper character dining events are just as good for food and the M&G. Also, it's difficult to get an ADR for CRT. Usually the only opening is during fireworks time.

DisneyDreamer08Jun 29, 2019

So just to add, I just called the Disney dining line to get exact pricing for CRT as everything online is a range. I was told that prices are being raised in July and maybe again around the holidays. As of right now, the prices for January are- Breakfast 75/adult, 45/child Lunch 92/adult, 55/child And again, they could go up one more time between now and then. I’d say that’s a hard pass.

DisneyDreamer08Jun 29, 2019

Thank you! This is my exact thinking right now. Just doing Ariel’s grotto, princess fairytale hall, etc. Obviously it will be more time consuming with all the separate queuing but it does make more sense. We did the Disney Springs BBB last time then went over to Epcot and found the trek back and forth to be too much with little kids (relying solely on Disney transportation). So I’m 99% sure we’ll do the MK BBB this time.

DisneyDreamer08Jun 29, 2019

Well we are going in January so hopefully, no melting ;) I was actually cool with the 60 bucks it was prior. My daughter got to keep a cute little bag, all her makeup and nail polish, a little tiara, a sparkly Mickey clip. It was worth it. So we already planned to do it this time and I don’t want to take it away from them. We never planned on CRT, I was going to add it as a surprise but now, most likely not. I’ve been so stressed lately as my ADR approaches, trying to figure out where we’ll be each day, what time fastpasses will be, what time we might want to eat, where we might want to eat... when in reality, that much planning with two little kids is pretty pointless. So the dilemma for me is how much do I spend up front and is alllll the pre-planning really worth it in the end. I’m also really curious as to why the GF is so much higher. I actually thought it may be cheaper not being in the castle.

Animaniac93-98Jun 29, 2019

If you're on the DDP, there are other princess character meals that are only 1 credit, instead of 2 for CRT: - Akershus (B, L, D) - 1900 Park Fare (D) - Trattoria (B) - Artist Point (D) If you're paying out of pocket and you're on a budget, you could just go to one the character greeting spots (Fairytale Hall, Ariel's Grotto etc) after BBB, take your own photos there and just eat somewhere else.

SirwalterraleighJun 29, 2019

Brutal how? That is one of the if not the biggest ripoffs in wdw. I’m protecting your wallet. It’s just not conducive to the weather most of the at all. Right now there people walking out into fantasyland with $269 of really cheap stuff and’s 99 degrees there. It’s literally gonna melt off. And we all have our things we waste money on included. That alcohol exits rather quickly from me. But the fact that they are adding a “grand Floridian surcharge” is just blatant as to the level of ripoff. Ballsy even for them

DisneyDreamer08Jun 29, 2019

Wow you guys are brutal. This forum is terrible lately! I’m still conflicted as to whether we want to add CRT onto our MK day. BBB is a definite as my two girls have been begging for it and really looking forward to it. I just wasn’t expecting all the price jumps lately. So I’m just trying to decide if CRT is worth it and something we can justify financially. That is literally all.

SirwalterraleighJun 29, 2019

I don’t see the dilemma Again...I don’t see the dilemma