PHOTOS - Beverly Sunset reopens as Toy Story merchandise shop

Jun 30, 2018 in "Beverly Sunset"

Beverly Sunset Toy Story store
Posted: Saturday June 30, 2018 12:50pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Beverly Sunset has reopened at Disney's Hollywood Studios, offering a range of Toy Story and Pixar merchandise.

Formerly Sweet Spells, the interior has been completely redesigned, with various displays of merchandise for the brand new Toy Story Land and the recent Pixar movie release - the Incredibles 2.

With no proper gift shop in Toy Story Land, The Beverly Sunset is the primary location for Toy Story Land merchandise in the park.

Click the gallery for more photos of the new Toy Story Beverly Sunset.

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JabbasJul 02, 2018

Does anyone know if they have the bucket of soldiers in the store?

YodaManJul 01, 2018

For anyone that hasn't seen, the store was actually re-done. It's now just Toy Story merch. The signage and displays all changed and now it's exclusively Toy Story and nothing else. All the princess merch was moved to the Studio Store.

RSoxNo1Jul 01, 2018

That's relatively common. That place usually gets the latest children's IP taking it over.

JohnDJul 01, 2018

Longest waits throughout WDW as of right now: Slinky Dog: 295 FOP: 180 7DMT: 95 A S S, TSM, RnRC: 65 TT: 60 TOT: 50

wdwgreekJul 01, 2018

I hate this, they took what was a cute, well themed store full of movie references and turned it into a cheap looking hallmark store. So sad.

matt2394Jul 01, 2018

Magic FeatherJul 01, 2018

FYI, In Character (The Shop next to Little Mermaid’s Entrance and Exit) has also been Toy Story-ed

cjkeatingJun 30, 2018

The budget got cut so they couldn't afford to build a retail store in the land... yes... unbelievable.

Casper GutmanJun 30, 2018

It should also be noted that they are moving towards bland, featureless spaces at a moment when theming and complexity in merchandising spaces matters more than ever before.

aladdin2007Jun 30, 2018

Disney has given up on everything they once excelled at, they don't care anymore. Get the merch in any space, no more correlation or theme, and stuff in as many people as they can, that is all that matters. :banghead: This makes me worry about the new bakery in Norway.

Sped2424Jun 30, 2018

Is imagineering no longer consulted on gift shop rethemings? Bc this has 0 charm to it :(

danlb_2000Jun 30, 2018

If merch carts didn't disrupt the themeing I don't see why a store would.

Casper GutmanJun 30, 2018

That looks atrociously bland. Nothing about the interior seems to fit on Sunset.

JohnDJun 30, 2018

Is the reason for the retheming of the sweet shop to a TS shop is that having a gift shop in TSL would disrupt the theme of being in Andy's backyard? So put a gift shop somewhere outside the land instead.