Quick Service fountain beverage price increases now in effect

Apr 30, 2014 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Wednesday April 30, 2014 9:20am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The cost of fountain beverages across the Walt Disney World quick service locations has been increased.

Starting today, a regular fountain drink is now $2.99, up 30 cents from the previous price of $2.69. A large fountain drink remains at the same price of $3.19.

Prices of most quick service food items has also risen, typically by 10 or 20 cents on most items.

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MissMMay 02, 2014

I was just at Busch Gardens last weekend and one thing I love that they do is offer the refillable cups. You buy it for about $8-$10 (few different designs vary slightly in price, like mine is insulated) and you can get unlimited refills for 99 cents. Not refills for the day, refills all year. It says it flat out on the sign to bring it back all season long. And if you rather refill it with an Icee, you can do that for $2.99 As many times as you want. It's really great. Cuts down on waste because they use less cups/lids/straws and it's really fair price. Those cups hold a ton! I wish Disney was more fair like this with their refillable mugs/soda prices. No, a soda here or there isn't going to break the bank but man...that kind of stuff adds up! Used to be less than $20 for two quick service meals and a soda to split and now, it's more like $30. Add that to the $50 for a tank of gas it costs to drive out there for the day and a snack or two and even with an AP, you're easily dropping $100 minimum to hit the park for a day. It just all adds up.

tissandtullyMay 02, 2014

I actually found a decently priced meal at The Mara at AKL last weekend, the Oak-roasted Rotisserie chicken is $10.49 with two sides and you get the entire half of the chicken. The price for the same meal at Boston Market near me is $10.49, I'm scared this is too good to be true and eventually will be a $15 meal though :(.

flynnibusMay 02, 2014

just because some other place charges ridiculous soda prices it doesn't justify someone else's 'lesser ridiculous' prices. Bottled Water and Soda have in the last 5 years or so been relatively cheap on the scale of 'Disney insane markup'. Their new prices are high, but no where near as bad as the food prices themselves. But why should we be suprised... Disney has been doing this for what... 10+ years now? Just raising the prices to keep that growth curve...

tissandtullyMay 02, 2014

Yes, and it's open all day too. Free refills for all!

tirianMay 02, 2014

—And the menu prices have risen to offset both food cost increases and DDP "discounts."

RSoxNo1May 02, 2014

Looks like some items went up 40-50 cents.

BairstowMay 02, 2014

http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/soda-price-increase.413188/ MAR 4, 2009

CJRMay 01, 2014

I think that will absolutely happen someday, but you're still talking 25 cents vs $3.50, probably by that point. No matter what, ice water will be cheaper than soda.

CommunicoreMay 01, 2014

Yea, the more they use filtered water for their ice and sodas, the more likelihood of the charge for the ice water. Pretty soon Sunshine Seasons will charge for that as their ice and water are filtered. Also, I often see people there fill up their small "ice water" cups with sodas.

FigmentationMay 01, 2014

Yeah.. and I'm going to Disney in a week. WOO! \o/ So I'll get to experience the soda increase first hand (And hopefully the Mine Train...)

danv3May 01, 2014

This just further increases the value of the free cup of ice water.

disney4life2008May 01, 2014

champaign (college town)

MarkTwainMay 01, 2014

Quoted for the shoutouts to Holiday World! :D I also live nearby, nice to see some southern Indiana people on here.

asianwayMay 01, 2014