PHOTOS - Disney breaks ground on cutting edge laundry facility to service resort expansion

Mar 27, 2014 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Thursday March 27, 2014 9:26am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has broken ground on a new state-of-the-art laundry facility to service the expanded resort portfolio at Walt Disney World.

"The new facility will showcase some of the textile industry’s most cutting-edge features including conveyors and air suction tubes that quickly move linens and machines that automatically sort, separate and fold," said J.R. Garcia, director of textile services at Walt Disney World Resort.

Located near to ESPN Wide World of Sports and Disney's Art of Animation Resort, the new facility will bring 200 new jobs when it opens in Spring 2015, and will compliment the existing 3 laundry centers at Walt Disney World.

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stini228Mar 31, 2014

Its here, near the All Stars

matt9112Mar 31, 2014

cm baseball to the right? ? ? ?

BigTxEarsMar 30, 2014

Pretty cool, think of all the dirty towels each day resort wide :eek:

danlb_2000Mar 30, 2014

One is in the North Serivce Area north of MK as you said: The second is just north of Port Orleans... I am not sure where the third is.

Clamman73Mar 30, 2014

Interesting that they use some nice colorful soil for the groundbreaking ceremony of a laundry facility, but just some plain looking soil for Avatar groundbreaking.

mm121Mar 30, 2014

this location makes sense.. i think one of the other laundries is up north of MK, and the other up north of DTD, not sure where the 4th is.. so seems logical to build one on the south end of property to serve AoA, etc kind of surprised there putting it so close to the main roads though, I thought they typically wanted to hide infrastructure type buildings that serve no direct guest purpose

mm121Mar 30, 2014

that just sounds nasty.. leaving sheets and towels dirty for a week before washing them

ObiMar 28, 2014

glad that they are getting another facility... hate the thought of lying on something that can only be seen with a blacklight.. eeeewwwww.... LOL...

dstrawn9889Mar 28, 2014

now if we can overlay the two... i dont have gimp at work, so someone else is gonna have to layer...

stini228Mar 28, 2014

One more thing to add...know those carts full of towels/sheets that you see being pulled by housekeeping around the resorts? There are a THOUSAND of those sitting in the parking lot at the location near POR waiting to be processed...thats how backed up they are this week.

danlb_2000Mar 28, 2014

dstrawn9889Mar 28, 2014

by the way the permit reads :

mm121Mar 28, 2014

does anyone know where this is specifically locatated? map perhaps. what about the other 3? this is true, would be nice to see more actual attractions, but who knows maybe them FINALLY improving some of the behind the screens stuff, such as this and the monorail automation, will help further future projects proceed quicker. def does sound interesting, maybe someday we will see more about how it really works.. would of been a good place for "dirty Jobs" the tv show to visit. the pet place isn't disney.. and i sure hope they wouldn't mix that stuff with people stuff people just have really high expectations, and get disappointed when things like new fantasy land dont actually "net" any new e ticket attractions, etc or other things to help drastically improve park capacity. the main primary reason stuff like this is even news at all is companies like to milk the new jobs PR as much as they can, granted in the grand scheme of disney 200 is nothing.. but thats still 200 more than 0.. as long as this is an "additional" faciiity and not a replacement facility meaning that other workers will simply loose their jobs once this facility comes online.

Sassagoula-RvrMar 28, 2014

I don't see any reason to bash Disney for this...looks pretty nice. And sounds like it was much needed...with a resort the size of Manhattan...infrastructure is going to be a pretty large...and necessary investment.