Walt Disney World restaurants to begin expanding plant-based menu options

Sep 24, 2019 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Plant-Based Food at Walt Disney World
Posted: Tuesday September 24, 2019 9:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Plant-based foods are increasing in popularity and Walt Disney World is responding by expanding menu offerings at its restaurants.

Beginning in early October, all major quick service and table service restaurants at Walt Disney World will feature plant-based dishes, which means menu items without animal meat, dairy, eggs or honey.

From October 3 2019, Walt Disney World will feature more than 400 plant based food options and new graphics will appear on restaurant menus highlighting plant-based dishes.

Some of the new plant-based dishes include:

  • Steamed Asian Dumplings at Le Cellier at Epcot – Plant-based meat dumplings, served with bok choy, Chinese long beans, red peppers and radish in an Asian broth.
  • Shiriki Noodle Salad at Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen at Magic Kingdom – Made with noodles, edamame beans, mushrooms, green mango and cucumber, tossed with a sweet chili sauce.
  • Felucian Garden Spread at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Made with plant-based “kefta,” herb hummus, tomato-cucumber relish and pita.
  • Chili-Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu Bowl at Satu’li Canteen at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Crispy tofu, seasoned with chili-spice and topped with a crunchy vegetable slaw, boba balls and your choice of base and sauce.
  • Plant-Based Cashew Cheescake at California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

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Clyde BirdbrainOct 15, 2019

Orlando Sentinel article today about vegan food at WDW and other restaurants in the area: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/food-restaurants/os-et-orlando-mainstream-restaurants-go-vegan-plant-based-20191015-e4jjpogidbcsfhkqk7lvdz4txq-story.html Registered dietician Cheryl Dolven, manager of health and wellness for Disney Parks, says the company’s been laying plans for the big move for two years and echoes Noonan’s observations when it comes to the factors driving the decision. “Historically, we’ve always worked to have something meatless on our menus,” says Dolven. “And over time, we’d get requests — can you take out the honey, the egg, the dairy? This is our way of going all-in on that, while also acknowledging that many of our guests are simply trying to get more plants into their diet.”

flvacationgirlOct 15, 2019

That is so cool that you made it into the final edit! Not an easy feat either with all of the edits that happened. My friend's husband was saying that of the entire movie, it was the fireman scene that he mostly related to and was inspired by. Good work!! E2 was definitely one of my early influences in going plant-based. I briefly met Rip's parents last fall. I met them at the airport and then drove them to their VegFest hotel. So now I get to mention to people that Dr. Esselstyn rode shotgun in my car. :) Totally an honour to have met both him and Ann. Can't wait to watch for you as soon The Game Changers hits Netflix tomorrow! :)

dreamfinderOct 14, 2019

Shortage of bubba's to make burgers from?

RSoxNo1Oct 14, 2019

All I know is that over labor day weekend my local Stop and Shop didn't have any actual Bubba Burgers. They had 4 different varieties of turkey and veggie burgers and I was annoyed.

higgipokerOct 14, 2019

Beyond burger has just started appearing in Supermarkets here in Austria... we're doing our bit and stocking up. :p Hope they are popular enough to catch on! It's a tough sell with how expensive they are though.

awoogalaOct 12, 2019

just saw Impossible ground in Wegman's yesterday! Also the Nomad lounge at AK makes amazing I.B. sliders!

awoogalaOct 12, 2019

I love bean burgers! Just not those specific black bean ones Disney uses everywhere!

bUUOct 12, 2019

We had Impossible Burgers at Cheesecake Factory a couple of days ago. They were substantially better than at Hudson Grill and Burger King. How it is prepared makes a big difference. I still prefer Beyond Burgers, but that's because they're the only ones I can cook myself; I suspect once Impossible Burgers make it to the grocery, I'll be able to prepare it in a manner that I'll find as good as Beyond Burgers.

higgipokerOct 12, 2019

Hey! I liked that bean burger!! lol It was very common in 2017 but by 2018 already we found it was mostly replaced with variations of the beyond/impossible burger. Don't get me wrong, we absolutely love the new burgers, but would be nice to have a good old fashioned "just a patty made from unprocessed vegetables" option. :)

awoogalaOct 11, 2019

I'm just glad they're finally giving more options. As a vegetarian teen in the late 90's, I remember the San Angel Inn handing me a vegetarian menu of my own. (it was a single sheet, with bean burritos and other similar options). When I returned in the 2000's, no more separate menu, made me sad. I never understood why every restaurant didn't have a couple of vegetarian choices (even before the new wave of veg meats, beans have always existed, and been eaten, by most vegetarians- and bean dishes aren't that hard to make). Our family is a mix of meat and veggie people, and we have some faves that have always been good for both (Tiffins, Jungle Cruise, etc.). Let's just hope they stop selling the awful black bean burgers as the only option everywhere! lol

awoogalaOct 11, 2019

I hate beyond burgers. the chalkiness of the pea protein is just far too obvious to me. I'd much rather eat an Impossible burger. (Honestly, I really love bean based burgers, too, as long as they aren't the awful black bean burgers Disney sells). Also, My son the meat eater accidentally ate half his Dad's Impossible Burger before he figured out it was the "fake" one. (and only because it didn't have cheese on it).

PeoplemoverTTAOct 11, 2019

Haha, sure. I was the marketing director at Engine 2 at the time, and I had flown into Brooklyn a cold morning in January to help Rip prepare for his firemen scene in the movie. I had just started with E2, and this was the first time I was meeting Rip in person. I helped prep for the event all day, setting up chairs, etc, and filling all those grocery bags for the firemen (together with David Carter, the 300-lb vegan, who unfortunately didn’t make the cut in the movie!). I checked in all the firefighters and got them set up with their papers and bloodwork information. The director was of course there, as was James Wilks, the narrator and executive producer. Louis (director) was all business and so was James, but James was a lot of fun. The 2 seconds of me in the movie comes during Rip’s scene. I did NOT know I was being filmed at the time 🤣 I’m checking all the grocery bags in my “plant based” hat - it was SO cold in there! I left E2 after my daughter was born and returned to consulting, so I never knew if I made the cut on the movie. Rip is also an executive producer on the movie and his wife texted me to tell me she was excited to see me on the big screen when the movie premiered at Sundance, which was cool, but also over a year ago! They added a LOT more athletes in that last year, so I didn’t know if I made it until my husband and I saw the movie in the theater. So yes, I can say I was in a movie directed by an Oscar winner and that also “starred” Arnold Schwarzenegger 😬

mdcprOct 11, 2019

Thanks for sharing the links!

flvacationgirlOct 11, 2019

I saw it with a ton of friends and family on opening night! It's amazing. Yes, can you tell us more!