Walt Disney World reopens resort beaches and recreational marinas

Jun 23, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Temporary fencing and updated signs on Disney World beaches
Posted: Thursday June 23, 2016 11:50am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Resort beaches are once again open to guests.

Crews have been installing temporary barriers and new signage on the beaches, and there are new restrictions on beach use.

Guests will be able to use the beach areas from sunrise to one hour before sunset, and they will be staffed by cast members.

Recreational marinas are also once again open, offering boat rentals and watersports.

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ToTBellHopJun 10, 2019

They just got sent to the Timeout Corner for awhile. “Mommy is VERY upset over your fourth-cousin-twice-removed and she just needs a wine break,” etc.

FamilyCallsMeWaltJun 10, 2019

Thanks for the update, it just came to my mind and I thought about those poor alligators that didn't do anything wrong in that attraction lol.

ToTBellHopJun 09, 2019

They were removed for about a year. But that was three years ago...

FamilyCallsMeWaltJun 09, 2019

I had heard that the Alligators at the Living on the Land attraction were removed at one point. I was glad to hear that they hadn't.

natatomicJun 15, 2017

Lived in Florida for 7.5 years and I can think of 3 gators I've seen - one in the water in Celebration (a baby), one that made it into our old neighborhood (maybe 4ft?) from a nearby pond, and now we have a "resident" gator in our new neighborhood, another baby. And anytime I pass a body of water, I'm always looking!

PizzaPlanetJun 15, 2017

I'd imagine most won't know what it represents unless they get up close or know what to look for.

jlsHoustonJun 15, 2017

yah I know I meant to write 1 but somehow the 2 went in..Its been quite a week already, ready for the weekend

Nubs70Jun 14, 2017

I lived in northern Maine for 2 years and never saw a moose.

21stampsJun 14, 2017

That's why I lived close to the ocean and on the intracoastal.. much less of a chance for alligators.lol. I hate 'em too.

TeriofTerrorJun 14, 2017

I'm not doubting you, but this just shows the variability of anecdotal evidence - yours and mine. I live in Ohio and travel to Florida maybe once per year. I can't begin to count the number of gators I've seen. Reptiles are the number one reason I haven't moved to Florida. I've never had a trip there where I didn't encounter at least one (since I've been old enough to remember). I hate 'em. I just hate 'em.

BoltJun 14, 2017

I imagine they looked at it as 'no matter what, this going to be in the news today so we might as well insert something that seems positive from the company.' It is only 1 year, not 2.

SonconatoJun 14, 2017

I didn't realize there was another thread already started, but on the other thread it had said there was foundation in the little boy's name that is somehow connected. I thought the same thing as you, though.

jlsHoustonJun 14, 2017

Wow it is 2 years today isn't it. That was a terrible evening. Just put a huge cloud over us the rest of our summer vacation. Even when we with enormous relief moved over to Boardwalk just couldn't shake that oppression. I'm actually glad WDW is memorializing this little boys brief life on their property. Not that anyone wants to be reminded of this horrific accident, more for comfort for his parents and to acknowledge we all grieved with them and for them.

Disney AnalystJun 14, 2017

It is such a beautiful sentiment, and I am glad they are creating this statue.