Disney Parks and Resort in-room skin care products supplier H2O+ to cease operations

Aug 22, 2022 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Monday August 22, 2022 11:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

After 33 years in business and almost 15 years as the supplier of Disney's resort and cruise line toiletry products, H2O+ has announced it will cease operations.

In an announcement on the official H2O+ website, the company says, "After 30+ amazing years of innovation, we have made the very difficult decision to retire the brand at the end of the year. "

H2O+ became a fixture in Disney's resort hotel rooms in 2008, supplying complimentary skincare and hair products.

The product's future with Disney is unclear, with the company saying it will, "fulfill its obligation to supply products in accordance with agreements with its business partners"

H2O+ parent company, Pola Orbis Holdings said, "Since joining the group, H2O Plus has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of cosmetics primarily in the US. However, the business environment surrounding the beauty brand has become "extremely difficult," with sales falling short of expectations. Pola acquired H2O Plus in in 2010. At the time of the acquisition, Pola said it would expand the brand in Asia.Going forward, H2O Plus will fulfill its obligation to supply products in accordance with agreements with its business partners, and proceed with dissolution procedures during the second half of 2023. Subsequently, the liquidation will be concluded upon the completion of the necessary procedures."

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ToTBellHopDec 11, 2023

It’s not citrus? It’s sea salt and if it’s good enough for Ariel’s scales, it’s good enough for me.

HauntedPirateDec 11, 2023

https://dvcnews.com/dvc-program-menu/general-dvc-news/5776-disney-resorts-to-continue-supplying-h2o-bath-products-under-new-brand Disney bought the formula.

Figments FriendDec 09, 2023

You called it. 🙂 -

Mizner92Dec 09, 2023

There are two versions made: bath soap and facial soap. Some rooms only have one version; some have both.

jmc28Dec 08, 2023

Just came back from Disney last week. I noticed that the bar soap is now called "bath soap" and I believe it used to be called "facial soap." Also interesting to note is that the bar soap is now made in the USA (think it used to be made in Indonesia?)

mikejs78Dec 08, 2023

I've heard that the products are *slightly* different than before from someone I know who is down there right now... They say that while the scents are the same, the consistency is a little different, which would lend credence to the idea that Disney purchased the formulas but they are being produced by someone else other than H20 or its parent. Disney may have contracted with another company. I guess it's also possible that H20's parent company set up a new production line that is different than what existed before....

Tony the TiggerDec 08, 2023

Damn. I was hoping to finally get away from these citrus scents.

HauntedPirateDec 08, 2023

Agreed. The company was losing money even with the Disney contract.

CompedDec 08, 2023

I doubt, extremely, that H2O would have done this for free.

DobergeDec 08, 2023

I understand that this might be a ridiculous question but in the old agreement did Disney buy the products from H2O or did H20 provide free or even pay Disney for the opportunity as a marketing thing? I'm assuming Disney still paid and that buying the formula and all is cheaper, otherwise they would have just found another supplier.

jinx8402Dec 08, 2023

marni1971Dec 07, 2023

H2O+ is still alive in Hong Kong Disneyland.

aaronmlDec 07, 2023

I suspect what happened here is not that TWDC purchased the formula, but rather that H2O+‘s parent company is continuing to custom produce this for Disney, just without the H2O+ name. Disney buys enough that they are willing to do something custom.

mf1972Dec 07, 2023

we were at the yacht club 10/23-11/2, & they still had h2o products there