All Walt Disney World Resort beach areas closed along with a suspension of watercraft service

Jun 15, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Wednesday June 15, 2016 11:09am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has suspended all watercraft operations on the Seven Seas Lagoon and all resort beach areas and recreational marinas are closed.

A search and rescue effort is currently underway in the Seven Seas Lagoon for a 2 year old boy who was taken from the Grand Floridian Resort beach area by an alligator.

Sonar equipped boats, dive teams and helicopters are on the scene.

The tragedy took place after-dark last night around 9pm, with the boy reportedly standing in 3 inches of water, a foot inside the lagoon.

Overnight efforts from 50 rescuers were unable to locate the boy or the alligator.

Additional bus transportation is being provided in place of the watercraft service and Magic Kingdom ferry boat. The monorail service is continuing as normal.

Read more from the Orlando Sentinel.

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bunnymanJun 27, 2016

That's the standard warning you get in most campgrounds. We camp in state run campgrounds in NY, and you have to sign a waiver when you register about the bears. They even scare you that you shouldn't sleep in the same clothes you cook in, as it might attract the bears (I have visions of a bear imagining a "pig in a blanket" when they sniff out a camper in a sleeping bag). Oh, and we do quite often see bears during the daytime and at night, usually in family groups of about 4 or 5, which can be quite startling.

JoeCamelJun 27, 2016

Lawyers been busy Lawyers been busy, looks like a temp sign til they get better ones made

ScuttleJun 27, 2016

Or a garage sale sign also.

brb1006Jun 26, 2016

It looks like one of those signs cheap campaign signs you would see across your neighborhood.

MySmallWorldof4Jun 26, 2016

I am at FW now and yes there are fences on the beach with the warning signs. They took away the tether ball that was on the beach. At check in we got a warning letter about black bears in the area and what to do if you see one. There also was the warning about the gators and snakes and not to feed wildlife.

DisneyJoeJun 26, 2016

I wouldn't bet on it, since gators can climb fences, and routinely end up in backyard pools in Florida - even those that have a fence around them.

ScuttleJun 26, 2016

Gators? Highly highly unlikely. In fact I've spoken to many people at RPR that have been there since opening and never have they seen a gator on property. Snakes? Yes that's a possibility since they are slithering asps.

FutureCEOJun 26, 2016

It's also about stupidity. Anyone who thinks Disney can control wildlife is dreaming. Though I'm selling my stock when you see pythons in Disney! I support the slaughter of pythons and other snakes.

DisneyJoeJun 26, 2016

Are you assuming that gators or snakes can't get into it for some reason?

ScuttleJun 26, 2016

Just meant that it's a closed retention pond. And it's a terrible looking sign. I get it I just think it's absurd.

PhotoDave219Jun 26, 2016

Its not about public safety, its about legal safety. Besides If i was Universal, I would just relocate any gators over to the football field at Dr. Phillips High School.

ScuttleJun 26, 2016

This is what Universal has added at the resort retention ponds. I find it ridiculous to be honest.

rob0519Jun 23, 2016

You actually have a very good point about the victim's sister and any other extended family as well. Disney is everywhere; movies, TV, merchandise and of course the resorts. If a family member is killed at any other amusement park, any of the other brands will not constantly be in your view, but the Disney brand is hard to escape.

JohnDJun 23, 2016

So I'm on the beach (yeah tough life) just hanging out when the people next to me start throwing out bread for the birds. Here come the seagulls out of nowhere. The people are laughing and smiling gettIng a kick out of it while the gulls are all shouting the equivalent of "Mine! Mine! Mine!" bothering every one else while these idiots are just oblivious. They strike me as the type of people who would feed gators from the DVC bungalows without a second thought.