Disney reinstates daily housekeeping at more Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Jan 15, 2023 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Sunday January 15, 2023 12:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will begin daily housekeeping at all deluxe Walt Disney World Resort hotels effective January 15 2023.

While deluxe hotels will once again have daily housekeeping, moderate and value-category resorts will only receive housekeeping every other day.

Disney's housekeeping service includes cleaning, making the bed, replacing towels, and emptying the trash.

Disney Vacation Club Members staying at at DVC resorts will receive housekeeping based on the length of stay. Additional housekeeping can be purchased by contacting housekeeping.

Housekeeping at Walt Disney World has been highly variable since the reopening from the COVID-19 shutdown. Some guests have reported receiving partial daily service, and others with only every other day service. Housekeeping labor has been particularly difficult to find and retain, with Disney constantly offering recruitment bonuses to tempt housekeeping workers.


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Jambo DadJan 18, 2023

Why? It’s been Thor way it is for decades.

Andrew CJan 17, 2023

Why y'all setting below 68? Go take a cold shower nut jobs.

bpiperJan 17, 2023

Or You can google the model of thermostat that your room has, and find the magic button combination to hit to allow it to lower to 65.... Only works for 4 days, then you got to do it again.

Disstevefan1Jan 17, 2023

Good to see they are throwing a bone to the folks paying the HUGE $$ to stay at the Deluxe resorts.

LilofanJan 17, 2023

The $20 trick can work in Vegas with the front desk staff upgrading your room. $20 trick could entice a maintenance CM to override the AC.

surfsupdonJan 17, 2023

We couldn’t figure it out either. I thought there was a way to override??? I’d be fine with 68 by day when we were out, but when sleeping it should be cooler!

Andrew CJan 17, 2023

Probably a phased in approach...

LilofanJan 17, 2023

Can't lower the AC under 68? Even Days Inn where I stayed off of I-95 can adjust temp lower.

RJ831Jan 17, 2023

This is unacceptable. For the amount money paid to stay at these resorts I expect more not less. Regardless of deluxe, moderate, or economy (can we say class discrimination?). Turndown service is the bare minimum for hospitality and should be done daily. I was shocked to recently stay at the Coronado Springs resort to learn beds would not be made and we would have to request to have trash removed every other day. The rooms felt like a swamp and could not be lowered below 68 degrees. I would expect more from a motel 6 let alone a Disney resort. Super disappointed in our recent stay. I asked management if it was due to staffing and they said no it was due to Covid. Last time I checked Covid does not discriminate between classes, not sure why only deluxe resorts would receive housekeeping services again.

SirwalterraleighJan 17, 2023

That was never the deal. Reduced costs was always part of the dvc model. The real problem is the rack side was supposed to pay to maintain the overall property and the dvc…not the opposite.

Indy_UKJan 17, 2023

I know that DVC has never had daily housekeeping . I just feel that with what’s paid in Dues and our DVCs being inside Deluxe resorts then they should be cleaned daily like the standard hotel rooms are

networkproJan 17, 2023

Theres a new DVC boogyman that will hit with either dues increase or a special assessment to comply with Florida Statute 718.111(2)(g)1(A-J) which has just gone into effect.

SirwalterraleighJan 17, 2023

Dvc expansion is being fed 101% by falling booking rates at rack because of prices being too high Connect the dots there

surfsupdonJan 17, 2023

I understand there is not a footprint to expand, but I am fearful for a DVC wing or floor makeover. That'd be a Yacht nightmare.