More details on Dog Policy and Dog Relief Areas at Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Oct 14, 2017 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Saturday October 14, 2017 8:57am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

More information is now available on the new Dog Policies at the four Walt Disney World Resort hotels that will allow dogs to stay in guest rooms, along with maps of the designated Dog Relief Areas.

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GoofGoofJul 31, 2018

Agreed. To me it doesn’t seem like the kind of vacation suitable for a dog. There are plenty of places you could go and things you can do that could include the dog, but at Disney they aren’t allowed anywhere but the handful of dog friendly rooms.

Biff215Jul 31, 2018

Fair enough, but in my experience there are less expensive options at home where you don’t need to travel with the dog and return to the room to let them out. That doesn’t seem like a vacation to me.

GoofGoofJul 31, 2018

The $50 is about what it costs at Best Friends to board your dog depending on the level of accommodation selected. However, the program allows 2 dogs per room so a significant savings if you have 2 dogs.

Gitson ShigglesJul 31, 2018

While the bored and anxious are chewing up stuff in the room, Disney may as well make everything nutritionally beneficial for the precocious pups.

Biff215Jul 31, 2018

I disagree, you’re not avoiding the cost at all at the price Disney charges, plus you’re still responsible for your dog. I think that qualifies as wanting them there.

GoofGoofJul 31, 2018

I can almost guarantee you the dogs don’t care about plastic vs paper straws...they will gladly chew up and eat either if left in the room. However, the next day when they are out in the designated doggy area doing their thing they will probably be very glad they switched to paper straws ;)

raymusiccityJul 31, 2018

It's not so much that owners want or love having their dogs along with them on vacation........Most just want to avoid the cost of boarding them while they're away from home!

Gitson ShigglesJul 31, 2018

The dog can feel happy about the elimination of disposable in-room plastics while they’re left in the strange room.

larryzJul 31, 2018


GoofGoofJul 30, 2018

Is that the sound of a happy dog who gets to go to WDW for another year....or a sad dog who is going to be left in a strange hotel room all day for another year;)

larryzJul 30, 2018

Woof. Bark-bark, growl. Whimper.

JohnDJul 30, 2018

So apparently the extension is true.

GoofGoofJul 27, 2018

I would assume the same resorts would continue. Port Orleans, Yacht Club, Art of Animation and the campground. There’s no official word from Disney except that the original pilot program ends on Oct 15. A poster here said a CM told them it was going to get extended.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsJul 27, 2018

So do we still have "dog resorts"? If so, would some kind soul list them? Would help us - it would provide data on which resorts to avoid.