Dry weather conditions impacting operations at Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Apr 14, 2017 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Friday April 14, 2017 1:38pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

As a result of dry weather, various fire restrictions are now in place in Central Florida.

At Walt Disney World, campfires at Disney resort hotels have been suspended. 

In addition, personal fire pits, and grills cannot be used at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Personal propane grills can however be used.

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Master YodaJan 09, 2018

I am anticipating a very smokey summer, especially if the rainy season comes late.

davis_unoxxJan 09, 2018

Thanks for this interesting information!

DriverJan 05, 2018

You're exactly right! I've explained to people like this. It's almost like the valve in your toilet tank it adjusts the water level. And this is important for a lot of reasons. One that comes to mind is all the small covered boats that have to go under bridges. If the water level got to high they would all become convertibles....... the hard way!!

MichRX7Jan 05, 2018

Well, finally someone explains all the stagnant green water I see people canoeing through in Ft Wilderness.

donsullivanJan 04, 2018

The entire RCID property has a massive flood control system that manages water levels throughout the property. If you take a look at Walt Disney World on Google maps you'll see lots of man-made canals spanning all over the property to assist with drainage and flood control. That whole flood control system was one of the big activities undertaken in the original site preparation process back before the original opening in 1971. They are used to deal with the high rains we get here in the summer and also to maintain water levels at desired levels even during periods of drought. There are flood control gates at key locations in those canals to release excess water and hold water back when the levels are too low.

tissandtullyJan 04, 2018

Can someone explain to me how Disney keeps FW from constantly flooding? I see all the cypress trees where there should be swamp water or there used to be, it's rather interesting.

James McAllanJan 04, 2018

The swamp is not dry.

jrhwdwApr 16, 2017

How long was the '98 dry spell?? we know WDW had a rough pyro summer that year. If there's not a drop of rain from now til my birthday (May 17th), is the end of Wishes/Start of HEA safe? Along with the other shows of course!

xdan0920Apr 15, 2017

Damn it Iger!!!!

BoltApr 15, 2017

Let's be honest, fires have started with fireworks even with wet climates.

peter11435Apr 14, 2017

Highly unlikely


Hope they don't cancel the fireworks

JoeCamelApr 14, 2017

A lot of people see Florida as wet, a swamp etc but the reality is that central Florida gets the same amount of water every year as Central Park in Manhattan

donsullivanApr 14, 2017

I know, that's what has us all so worried. It's going to get much worse before it gets better this year.