Disney is considering adding a nightly resort fee to its resort hotels

Mar 09, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Wednesday March 9, 2016 7:54am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

According to a recent Walt Disney World survey that has been sent out to previous guests, Disney is considering adding a nightly resort fee to its hotels.

The survey mentions a $15 per night resort fee that would include Disney's Magical Express, MagicBands, FastPass+, Resort entertainment, WiFi, Extra Magic Hours, and parking at the resort and parks.

All of these features are currently included with any Walt Disney World Resort hotel stay, but the survey proposes a $15 per night charge to cover these.

The survey goes on to ask how a resort fee would impact the decision to stay at the resort.

Resort Fees are common at other hotels, with the onsite Swan and Dolphin requiring a $25 per night fee, which includes WiFi, 2 bottles of water, long distance phone calls and access to the health club. The offsite Gaylord Palms requires a $20 resort fee, with includes internet and the health and fitness center.

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seascapeMar 24, 2016

Comcast can keep the cable and its internet access. What they can't do is keep Disney from offering an internet based subscription service to every Comcast Customer and bypass Comcast's money grab. If anyone here doubts that the advertising revenue Comcast gets from its subscribers is much more than what they pay Disney they don't understand the Cable Television Industry. Comcast sells advertising on every channel they pay Disney for. However, based on the new FCC rules internet is now subject to FCC regulation and they can't discriminate. Thus when the time is right, Disney and others will drop their cable offerings and sell it directly to the end consumer. The one big step that is needed is for smart computer programmers to figure out how to personalize advertising so that they can sell specific adds to specific customers. When they can do that, they will be able to make a fortune just giving away its programming and have the advertisers pay. The real money as always is the case is content and distribution will take care of itself. As for Comcast, they better worry about Universal and their movie business. They are getting killed this year. Disney and Fox are over 128% above last year while Universal/NBC are behind last years numbers. Disney will blow past their 2015 numbers and could hit 3 billion in North America. Disney would be crazy to buy Time Warner Cable, they could but Time Warner instead and gain more content and CNN which would set them up to completely bypass the cable bundle.

JohnWDMar 24, 2016

Still just a survey related to Deluxe Resorts.

Zippity-do-DADMar 24, 2016

OK, I'm gonna say it, I am just a little bummed by a "swell" (if you will) of this "stick it to 'em" mentality that seems to have permeated the parks that has disrupted the family/business balance that Disney once had perfected.

ar81Mar 23, 2016

Sorry about my dumb question, but with the constant updates I cant keep up. Was the $15 resort fee ever confirmed or was it just a survey?

WDW_FirefighterMar 20, 2016

I also wrote an email to customer relations after reading about this survey. They assured me it would get to the right people, (maybe, maybe not). Can't hurt to express your feelings about this.

wannabeBelleMar 20, 2016

Good luck Reptar, let us know what happens! Marie

reptar77Mar 19, 2016

I sent an email to customer service regarding the survey. I was asked to give them a call to discuss my concerns. I'm going to call tomorrow, wish me luck.

ford91exploderMar 16, 2016

Know. and not even in a biblical sense as 'marriages of convenience' are quite common among the Chinese CP elite. This is how China works everything there is based on personal relationships not law and contracts like in the west.

ford91exploderMar 16, 2016

That was under a completely different antitrust regime, Disney's biggest competition is NBCU/Comcast, If Disney were to gain effective control of say TWC it would become an even more dominant media powerhouse as it would then be the second largest cable provider company with direct control of digital distribution channels (Brighthouse) as well as owning the internet pipe to about 35% of US households.

Nubs70Mar 16, 2016

Anbang valuation has grown enormously over the last 12 from roughly $60 million to over several 100's of Billions. The CEO is married to the grand daughter of Deng Xiaoping, the former head of the CCP. Goes to show it's not what you know but who you .....

KeithVHMar 16, 2016

Pardon my lack of knowledge but isn't that type of control that got the movie industry into trouble? They controlled the distribution channel and the delivery system and the government said that was unfair? Or something like that?

ford91exploderMar 15, 2016

The've got to get the money OUT of China somehow. I have a Chinese friend whose parents keep offering to buy her a house for the same reason they are entrepeneurs in China but they dont want to invest there and a house for their daughter would appreciate in value greatly especially gven the market.

BernardandBiancaMar 15, 2016

Apparently, Anbang already owns Waldorf Astoria, is in the process of acquiring Strategic Hotels, and today made an offer for Starwood (Sheraton) outbidding Marriott. Could pick up a nice chunk of hotel properties, and have theme parks thrown in for kicks.

BrianVMar 15, 2016

Apparently you missed what I said. The Ritz is charging what they can for the location, convenience and market. If they could charge more, they would. They are not a charity.