How and where to use the new Disney Dining Promo Card at Walt Disney World

Jan 05, 2023 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Thursday January 5, 2023 5:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is today launching a significant dining incentive for resort hotel stays at Walt Disney World in the summer of 2023, offering up to a $750 Disney Dining Promo Card with eligible bookings.

With the purchase of a five-night, four-day non-discounted room and ticket package at select Walt Disney World Resorts, guests can get up to a $750 Disney Dining Promo Card that can be used to purchase food and beverage items at select participating locations at Walt Disney World Resort. Booking for this offer starts January 5, 2023, and is available for arrivals from June 25 to September 14, 2023. Learn more about the offer.

The Disney Dining Promo Card can be used at the vast majority of Walt Disney World restaurants, and works like a gift card. Here are the full details of the Disney Dining Promo Card, including exulted locations and how to use the card.

What Is the Disney Dining Promo Card?

The digital Disney Dining Promo Card is a digital gift card—and it’s included with a special offer for select Walt Disney World room-and-ticket packages. The card can be used for select food and beverage purchases during your Walt Disney World vacation.

Where to Use It

Use your digital Disney Dining Promo Card to purchase meals, snacks, treats and beverages at select participating dining locations during your Walt Disney World vacation. Enjoy a tasty bite on the go from quick-service venues, food carts, kiosks and more. Or, sit down to a leisurely meal at a table-service restaurant (advance reservations are highly recommended).

Before you dine or purchase food and beverage items, be sure to check that the location accepts the digital Disney Dining Promo Card.

Participating Locations

Most of these locations accept the digital Disney Dining Promo Card; however, exclusions apply—please see below for details.

Excluded Locations

Locations that are unable to accept the Disney Dining Promo Card include, but are not limited to:

  • Merchandise locations and candy kitchens
  • Dining locations at Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel and Walt Disney World Swan Reserve Hotel
  • Dining locations at Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort
  • Dining locations at Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels
  • Dining locations at Walt Disney World Official Hotels at Bonnet Creek
  • Dining locations at Walt Disney World Gateway Hotels
  • Other restrictions apply. Please review the terms and conditions.

Receiving Your Card

The digital Disney Dining Promo Card will be sent to you via email when you check in at your Disney Resort hotel.

How to Use Your Card

Simply present your digital Disney Dining Promo Card email or a printed copy of the email when purchasing food and beverages at participating locations. Additionally, you can save your card to your mobile device wallet to use at select locations.

You can use the card’s value as you like. Purchase food and beverages throughout your stay—or spend the entire value in one day. It’s up to you!

Use It for Qualifying Mobile Orders

Order ahead and save time at select dining locations that offer mobile ordering—a feature of the My Disney Experience app. You can use your digital Disney Dining Promo Card just like a gift card when paying for your order.

Check Your Balance

It’s easy to check the balance on your card! Here are 3 easy ways to do it:

Visit Disney Gift Card to check online
Call (877) 650-4327
Ask a participating food-and-beverage location to check for you
Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

Make Advance Dining Reservations

Advance reservations are highly recommended for table-service restaurants. Learn when advance reservations can be made.

Important Information

  • The digital Disney Dining Promo Card is redeemable at select participating food and beverage locations within the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and other Disney Resorts located in the United States.
  • Please refer to the expiration date found on your promotional gift card to understand when it must be used by.
  • The digital Disney Dining Promo Card may only be used at participating food-and-beverage locations; it cannot be applied to charges on a Resort hotel folio.
  • Issued by, and represents a legal obligation solely of, Disney Gift Card Services, Inc.
  • Lost, damaged or stolen cards may be replaced only if original proof-of-purchase receipt and complete card number are provided.
  • Mobile food and beverage ordering is subject to restriction and change without notice.
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jinx8402Mar 28, 2023

New GP promo not as good as the Dining card promo for me, so sticking with it. Staying at CBR from 8/18-8/26. I napkin math'd it was around a 28% discount for me. It was nice to see that my week that was blocked out from the Visa discount was included in this one. Interestingly enough, the week that was blacked out was included in the "higher" discount period for this offer. Still, it was only 20-25% and on top of that, I would have needed to upgrade my room category.

MissVivMar 27, 2023

Last day to take advantage of this offer!

NelleBelleFeb 28, 2023

I booked for Sept. as well with this discount and ultimately settled on YC. I was booked at the Poly as well but switched over to the YC and am saving nearly $1500 with the switch (not counting the food credit). We loved the YC even though would've liked to have tried the Poly for a mom-n-daughter trip.

MissVivFeb 28, 2023

We booked this yesterday for a trip in September. Booked the BC and it was less than the Poly reservation we had booked but cancelled in April. Plus we get the $150 per day dining promo. Seemed like a good deal to me although I know room discounts will be out for September later so I will have to compare the costs.

SchweinoJan 09, 2023

Totally agree, especially throwing in free dining as a hypothetical option. Just wanted to put the data out there that Disney did not appear to 'increase' anything to offer this promotion. "You're paying for it somewhere" does not appear to be the case here, unless of course in your scenario where you were planning to do a smaller trip but now are going longer to take advantage of said promo. I'm still waiting for the dining plan to come back ;D

Weather_LadyJan 09, 2023

Like the DDP, the savings/value depends on how the offer fits with your plans: i.e., whether you were already planning to purchase a 5- night room-and-ticket package at full price, and planning to spend enough on on-property food that and extra $150 or less/day to spend on Disney-priced food is going to save you more than that in the "real world" money you were otherwise going to spend on dining. For many families, other types of discounts would be of greater value to them, comparatively, so when people say that the current dining offer isn't a great value, I think they just mean that it doesn't offer much compared to a hypothetical room-only offer, or a "free" dining offer.

SchweinoJan 09, 2023

I could be wrong, but looking at mousesavers when they released their full rack rate, a standard room at FQ was 324 for Sept 10-15th when 2023 rates were released. However, Disney currently has it at 295 per night. Package w/o discount is 2671 for 4 days of park tickets. This promo makes it 2654 (not sure why theres a $17 difference) plus you get the dining card. So it does appear to me that this does offer a real value for guests. There does not appear to be a room rate price increase to offset the dining promotion value.

esskayJan 06, 2023

Yeah the 'upto' thing is a tad odd. On their own site for the UK/EU version of this earlier in the year it was initially listed that way but changed to a "Upto X per night" wording.

nickysJan 05, 2023

Not necessarily. You’d need to check with Disney or a TA. It depends if the promo is per night or per booking, the devil is in the detail. You don’t get more if you have 4 people vs 2 as far as I know, for example.

King Racoon 77Jan 05, 2023

They must be really hurting from the lack of AP money.

tnemgifJan 05, 2023

The phrasing on this is a little confusing. Everything says “up to a $750 Disney Dining Promo Card with eligible bookings.” However, I assume the promo card can be for more, if you’re booking more nights? Say, if I’m booking 10 nights at a deluxe, I would get a $1500 promo. Edit: Confirmed with Disney. $150 per night with no limit on the total. So a 10 night stay at a deluxe would indeed earn a $1500 promo.

HauntedPirateJan 05, 2023

Discounted tickets? Did you just leak their next discount incentive package? 😂 Yeah, those and APs would probably be the target for room-only discounts. Now, if they'd only let people buy those hated APs again...

Tony the TiggerJan 05, 2023

Florida residents without AP and/or with a discounted 3-4 day ticket?

MICHEALEP91Jan 05, 2023

I can say that my travel agent has reached out to me already about this deal, my reservation price for the entire trip went up 84.00 and I will receive two $300.00 dining cards, so for me this is a BIG win!