Walt Disney World Resort hotels now charging handling fees for in-room deliveries

Apr 05, 2019 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Walt Disney World Resort hotels are now charging a service fee for in-room deliveries of packages and groceries.

A $6 service fee will be charged if you request the grocery order or package to be delivered to your room. Pickup at the lobby continues to be complimentary.

The service fee is per order and not per bag.

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Article Posted: Apr 05, 2019 / 11:33am ET
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The MomApr 19, 2019

People are starting to get off topic, and this is already being discussed in News and Rumors.

LensmanApr 19, 2019

Good point! I've never used a Disney Resort Concierge, but the list of things that they do are all in the category of things that I would normally not tip a concierge at a luxury hotel for. I would tip the concierge $20 for getting me tickets to a sold out Broadway show, though, or reservations at a restaurant that doesn't have any openings. I'd be interested in hearing examples of things people have tipped a Disney Resort Concierge for.

LittleBufordApr 19, 2019

Most of these make sense to me, but tipping concierge seems really weird! Is this something that people actually do? (To be clear, I agree with your general sentiment that tipping is good and important.)

disneyfiremanApr 18, 2019

Due to this self righteous bloviating poppycock. I will never tip again. Seriously. I’m out. Get another job of need be. Lol And take it easy on the Dew Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

xdan0920Apr 18, 2019

What are you talking about dude? Settle down.

UltimateRollercoasterApr 18, 2019

You're kidding yourself. MOST (Yes, MOST) Disney resort guests are too cheap to give a tip. I'm not joking. The stories I constantly hear are horrifying. Do you leave $3-5 in your room daily for housekeeping...probably not. Do you tip the bellhop that delivers your bags...more than likely not or if you do...you're probably the one that drops him a couple of dollars, apologizes for not having cash and tells him "you'll get him later". When you call to have extra towels delivered, ice, or toiletries do you tip? Probably not. Do you tip when you go to the concierge desk and ask them for help of any kind...most likely not. Do you tip the person who is giving towels out at the pool...almost certainly not. They're the ones that clean up after you, after you leave! These same "cheapos" are the ones ordering groceries for delivery...and guess what this has NEVER been a service of a hotel in the past and they're probably not tipping as well. It's understandable for the hotel to charge. What you don't know is sometimes "service fees" are in part given back to the employees. One of the valet operations I'm familiar with pays a portion of the service fee to the valets as a tip!

John park hopperApr 12, 2019

One would think if the CMs are having to work harder delivering food to resort guests -shouldn't they get a raise to compensate for the added work. Disney places a $6.00 charge for delivery --- pockets the money and the CM's are still doing the same work load and probably for less tips.

disneyfiremanApr 12, 2019

Agreed. With a fee. I certainly wouldn’t tip. At all

disneyfiremanApr 12, 2019

Good. Never understood the need for this.

KimAnnFranApr 10, 2019

Yes, you are right but a lot of people won't look at it that way and some may not even care. I think when on vacation, folks should expect to pay a bit more for things and remember that these service workers need jobs and have families as well.

Much-Pixie-DustApr 08, 2019

Next time, I am going to try Walmart pick up, so I can just swing by and pick it up.

xdan0920Apr 08, 2019

Sadly I am right. It’s crappy, but it’s the truth.

JanirApr 08, 2019

Sadly, you're probably right. Bell services can be very helpful at the resorts. Tipping $5 each time you drag one of them out for something isn't that bad, even on top of a $6 fee.

eliza61nycApr 08, 2019

We usually use the Walmart also. I'm not a big cooker on vacation so generally on the first day we'll stop by on the way from the airport and get every thing we'll need, so when we check in every thing goes up at once. I do have favorite Disney restaurants that we always go to and a car if we want to try something off site.