Walt Disney World Resort hotels now charging handling fees for in-room deliveries

Apr 05, 2019 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Friday April 5, 2019 11:33am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Resort hotels are now charging a service fee for in-room deliveries of packages and groceries.

A $6 service fee will be charged if you request the grocery order or package to be delivered to your room. Pickup at the lobby continues to be complimentary.

The service fee is per order and not per bag.

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The MomApr 19, 2019

People are starting to get off topic, and this is already being discussed in News and Rumors.

John park hopperApr 12, 2019

One would think if the CMs are having to work harder delivering food to resort guests -shouldn't they get a raise to compensate for the added work. Disney places a $6.00 charge for delivery --- pockets the money and the CM's are still doing the same work load and probably for less tips.

disneyfiremanApr 12, 2019

Agreed. With a fee. I certainly wouldn’t tip. At all

disneyfiremanApr 12, 2019

Good. Never understood the need for this.

KimAnnFranApr 10, 2019

Yes, you are right but a lot of people won't look at it that way and some may not even care. I think when on vacation, folks should expect to pay a bit more for things and remember that these service workers need jobs and have families as well.

Much-Pixie-DustApr 08, 2019

Next time, I am going to try Walmart pick up, so I can just swing by and pick it up.

xdan0920Apr 08, 2019

Sadly I am right. It’s crappy, but it’s the truth.

JanirApr 08, 2019

Sadly, you're probably right. Bell services can be very helpful at the resorts. Tipping $5 each time you drag one of them out for something isn't that bad, even on top of a $6 fee.

eliza61nycApr 08, 2019

We usually use the Walmart also. I'm not a big cooker on vacation so generally on the first day we'll stop by on the way from the airport and get every thing we'll need, so when we check in every thing goes up at once. I do have favorite Disney restaurants that we always go to and a car if we want to try something off site.

HauntedPirateApr 08, 2019

We used to do the Target at Exit 11 on 417, but in recent years we've done Publix and the WalMart that's about 10 minutes off-property on 536 (?, could be 535, I always forget), just west of Buena Vista Suites. The CVS across the street from BVS has also come in handy from time to time.

nickysApr 08, 2019

This ^^^^ We usually do a small order through DVC just to see us through a couple of days, until the jet lag has worn off. Then we rent a car and go to Publix. It means we can pick what we want, I like to see fruit and veg, and meat, before buying. And there’s a liquor store next door if we want gin or vodka, although we often get those tax free in the U.K. at the airport (we are there for 10-14 days lol!).

Much-Pixie-DustApr 08, 2019

@Lensman I can’t speak for garden grocer, but I use Instacart at home from several grocers and they can bring you whatever the grocer sells. I also do Walmart pick up and love it. I use it for groceries, school supplies, and and other misc things. They just rolled out a delivery service of their own, but haven’t tried it yet. I love the idea of ordering and coming to the room with a fully stocked fridge of your favorite things. Great idea!

LensmanApr 07, 2019

Shhh. This is the thread where we calmly discuss ways around the fee. The other thread started with vitriol so it begot vitriol. We usually rent a car and go shopping ourselves, but this thread made me look into the new grocery delivery services that have popped up recently. Do people find that the choice there is enough for them? I don't get groceries delivered at home but I could see it being worth it just to save the time - though grocery shopping is usually what we do on our arrival day instead of directly heading into the parks. The one good question from the other thread is whether Disney will team up with one of the delivery services to provide an official grocery delivery agent and do delivery directly to your room? I think it would be neat if you could arrive to a fully stocked fridge.

Much-Pixie-DustApr 07, 2019

It is worth it to us too. We also get things that we don’t normally snack on at home, so for us it’s part of the vacation experience. I love the Target on 192.