Extra Magic Hours and 60-Day FastPass+ benefit to continue into 2020 for Disney Springs area hotels and Four Seasons

Apr 04, 2019 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Thursday April 4, 2019 9:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Seven hotels in the Disney Springs Resort area and the Four Seasons Resort have all extended their arrangement with Walt Disney World for Extra Magic Hours and FastPass+.

The extension means that the hotels will be eligible for Extra Magic Hours and the 60 day booking window for FastPass+ through December 31 2020.

The Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels are: B Resort & Spa; Best Western Lake Buena Vista; DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Orlando; Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace; Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista; Holiday Inn Orlando; and Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista.

The Disney Springs area hotels began offering EMH and 60 day FastPass+ in 2018.

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scottieRossApr 05, 2019

I just did a room quote on WDW website and for the Magic Your Way package staying at Port Orleans, vs either Wyndam Garden or Best Western, the MYW package at PO was 80.00 more than BW and 74 more than WG for 4 days, Sept 16-20. Standard room with 2 queens at all 3 hotels. Then did a comparison with Pop Century Room only vs BW was 1.24 per night less at Pop. (Pop 161.75 and BW was 162.98) Keep in mind that Pop includes Airport transfers (Mears service is 76.00 RT for two), Both include EMH and 60 day FP+, and Pop provides free shuttle every 15-20 minutes while BW offers free shuttle every 30 minutes from more distant bus terminals. Pop also offers refrigerators in the rooms. Note BW has slightly larger rooms. overall I say Pop Century wins for room only and PO wins for package pricing.

MisterPenguinApr 04, 2019

So, I guess the long rumored cut of EMH won't happen for at least another 20 months...

drizgirlApr 04, 2019

Whether it's a straight up cut or just a per person rental of the benefits, it's the only reason they would be doing this.

winstongatorApr 04, 2019

I also wonder if WDW is getting a cut (or how big a cut) of that ‘value of benefits’. I think WDW has a pretty good idea of the dollar value of emh and the 60 day fp window.

Kman101Apr 04, 2019

Very true!

flynnibusApr 04, 2019

It's simply because they can. They know they are being shopped against Disney hotels... no need to be bargain priced if people will pay it. Price sensitivity goes in the toilet when comparing against Disney's absurd prices.

LensmanApr 04, 2019

How long are the land leases for the Disney Springs hotels? Related, I wonder if the average room prices for onsite/offsite hotels had proven disappointing and so Disney is using these benefits to help "prop up" the room prices to help support future land lease pricing? I understand this line of thinking is a bit tenuous as it's more likely that Disney is only thinking of the short-term cashflow from these benefits plus the aforementioned makeup of temporary room inventory decline due to construction. Note: I also just thought of whether Disney is getting valuable information on the actual marginal value of these benefits. After all, these experiments have given them valuable datapoints on the value that customers place on these benefits vs the perceived value of being in the bubble or of having themed lodging.

matt9112Apr 04, 2019

the way i see it theres not much middle ground any more. either go off and stay at one of the el cheapo like red roof in etc that laughably cost over 100 sometimes or fork up... a good quality hotel IMHO should sit at 125ish max but than again obviously somebody is paying...supply and demand. i too use hotels.com but lately the deals are slim pickings in orlando.

Kman101Apr 04, 2019

Yeah. I've stayed at one near Disney Springs that never used to charge for parking. I imagine it was a problem with people parking there and hopping a bus to the parks ... it's crazy to see them so high now. Especially the Best Western which is actively under construction. Yet, there they are, charging $250+ for a night ... I don't know. I guess to some even $250 is "normal" now but I find it high when the same room is also sometimes under $100 (I guess to fill rooms?). The pricing method is interesting.

Kman101Apr 04, 2019

You're not wrong in this. It's interesting to think about. Maybe they need to re-think the offerings at the resorts and have different packages. I mean though, the Disney Springs hotels are literally within walking distance and it's like a 1 minute drive to the garage. It's very beneficial to stay "off-site" (but really, on-site). So it's a good point to bring up :) I have to imagine they wouldn't do it if it truly affected on-site booking, but that's just an assumption on my part. I can see how offering it there slightly diminishes it for the Disney owned hotels. I guess they don't see it the same way.

matt9112Apr 04, 2019

yeah i have stayed at BOTH sister hotels on western way for less than 100 and they have free parking. now there 140ish last i looked. i have also stayed at two seperate disney springs propertys for sub 100 plus fees on top within last year or so. hell only two years ago i did swan for 150 a night AFTER fees.

Kman101Apr 04, 2019

Yep. I've noticed that too. I used to easily score $78-$100 (I mostly use hotels.com, but I do price compare) ... I've noticed they're becoming very overpriced, especially in the peak seasons. I literally paid $78 (plus 30 in taxes ...) for the same room (in January and February) I saw offered for $250 ...

Missing20KApr 04, 2019

At what point are we able to determine that Disney offering the perks to outside partner hotels does nothing to diminish on-site hotels and only increases the value (and hence property owners increasing rates accordingly) of the off-site properties? Transportation convenience is nearly a toss-up (save for those who like to walk to the MK from CR or EPCOT/MGM from that area). Perks are becoming a toss-up. Price is close to a toss-up (depending on one's personal level of comfort, amenities, service, etc.) Seemingly, the bubble is now the reason to stay on-site. Particularly at the Values and Moderates.

matt9112Apr 04, 2019

i was going to chime in they used to be sub 100 sometimes with deals (plus fees on top) but lately there no cheaper than pop etc. hell my moderate rate i locked in is maybe 20 bucks more ?