New Disney World hotel offer saves up to 35% when you stay 5 nights or longer this Spring and Summer

Jan 03, 2024 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Wednesday January 3, 2024 8:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new offer launched today lets you save up to 35% on rooms at select Disney Resort hotels when you stay 5 consecutive nights or longer, or save up to 30% on shorter stays.

This offer is valid for stays most nights from July 8 to October 3, 2024. Contact our sponsor Kingdom Konsultant Travel 1-866-566-7858 or for a free quote.

View the chart below to see savings and participating Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

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wdwfan22Feb 18, 2024

I noticed the minute they said Summer for Tiana, the room discount went away for late summer/fall. I've heard a Disney Visa promotion for those dates will be coming soon, but I guess they are done with the general public discount.

shifty37Feb 16, 2024

I was attempting to book the dining plan on the last day, had some obscure error message, and missed out on it. Was going to book the discount rooms as a back-up and those were gone as of 12AM on the 15th. Spoke with a cast member and unfortunately they had no notes about the dates being changed.

ustyFeb 15, 2024

I don't know if this is potentially related to when Tiana's is opening, but as of this morning the July 8th to October 3rd portion of this discount has been removed. I went to check my existing reservation and see what is available, since I've been checking a few room types at different resorts, and already have a standard view Beach Club room booked 9/17-9/25, and the discounts were all gone.

ToTBellHopJan 18, 2024

I saw The Grand in the 300s!! Long gone now.

NelleBelleJan 17, 2024

Exactly! When I started looking at prices a couple weeks ago, I could've sworn I saw Contemporary less than $500 but it must be gone because it's significantly more.

ToTBellHopJan 17, 2024

For example, Beach Club now costs double what I paid when I grabbed this deal.

NelleBelleJan 17, 2024

I think they only have a certain number of rooms for each promotion, so there could be availability now or none. I’d recommend d at least putting $ down to reserve your room for The promotion you want.

newf709Jan 16, 2024

How long do these promotions typically run? I.E what is likely the drop dead book-by date for a late September trip?

PSUDisney77Jan 14, 2024

So I kept checking this past week and yesterday a water/pool 5th sleeper option was available for our dates so asked my TA to rebook. Very good deal and it saves a little more money than a preferred room. We just want to be close to the Skyliner, but we know requests are not guaranteed. Thanks for the advice!

Animaniac93-98Jan 12, 2024

I can't unfortunately. I went to Vegas once when the daily high was over 100 and even in a "dry" heat, going outside just to cross the street was rough.

ToTBellHopJan 12, 2024

In recent years, summer has become slow season but you still get long hours and few refurbishments. Well worth it if you can handle the weather! The last 12 months, there have been downpours every month so that’s no longer unique to summer. Oddly, we had less rain at WDW during our August 2023 trip than April 2023!

MisterPenguinJan 12, 2024

It's Summer time! People would rather go to the bea... oh, wait.

Animaniac93-98Jan 12, 2024

People don't want access to the best WDW hotel pool during Summer? 🫤

ToTBellHopJan 11, 2024

Wonder why Beach Club, of all places, has such good deals. Bookings must be very soft for summer. Happy to take advantage, though!