All Walt Disney World Resort hotel swimming pools closed today due to weather

Jan 03, 2018 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Wednesday January 3, 2018 8:07am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

All Walt Disney World Resort hotel swimming pools will be closed today (January 3 2018) due to poor weather.

Local forecasts are expecting highs of just 47F and lows of 32F with additional wind chill.

Resorts with hot tubs will make those available from 10am to 8pm.

Elsewhere at Walt Disney World, Disney's water parks are closed and performances of the Spirit of Aloha dinner shows are cancelled.

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larryzJan 04, 2018

It's not so much getting people into the water in cold weather -- it's getting them to get out.

WWWDJan 04, 2018

Have all the pools closed like this before? You see the water park not under refurbishment close a few times during winter, but all the pools?

deeevoJan 03, 2018

Monday will be 77 thank god!

Bender123Jan 03, 2018

Doesn't it suck to know the temperature could go up 60 degrees and it would still be cold? Sometimes I wonder why I live here...

matt9112Jan 03, 2018

it's rareish for cold weather to linger like this. cold nights are not new but not bouncing back during the day is a tad odd.

drizgirlJan 03, 2018

I'm really surprised by that. We've been there during some very cold weather and the pools never closed.

RSD Part DeuxJan 03, 2018

-5 sounds like a heat wave. It’s -29 where I’m from. That’s why I came to Florida.

Bender123Jan 03, 2018

10 Sounds like a heat wave...its -5 here...

Walt dJan 03, 2018

Gee 47 sounds like a heat wave too me, its ten here..

Horizons '83Jan 03, 2018

You know its cold when the pools are closed. Luckily in FL, the temps should bounce back soon (ish)...