New Spring discounts at Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Jan 02, 2019 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Wednesday January 2, 2019 7:57am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has a new Spring offer today for stays at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

  • Save up to 25% for stays most nights April 28 through May 27, 2019 when you book through May 27, 2019
  • Save up to 30% for stays most nights May 28 through September 30, 2019

Book through March 24, 2019 to take advantage of the greatest savings.

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JohnDJan 06, 2019

I hear that. I had a trip last year late May / early June. Too hot. Never again.

Jedi OsbornJan 06, 2019

That's a good idea, thank you, but our dates are a bit tight. We have Advanced Placement exams for two of our daughters in high school. Between their exams and sports we have a very small window. Our aversion to excessive heat and crowds makes it even more difficult!!

JohnDJan 06, 2019

Have you tried adjusting your dates? I had reservations 4/26-5/3 on the previous offer which ends 4/27. The new offer begins 4/28. I tried 4/28-5/4 and nothing came up for Pop or the All Stars. I adjusted by one day, 4/29-5/5 and they came up. I saved $100 from the previous offer.

Jedi OsbornJan 06, 2019

I was looking forward to a good deal for the mid May time frame, but this one just isn't doing it for us. Are there historically any other offers or discounts that pop up for mid May?

HcalvertJan 05, 2019

I understand your confusion. I booked a room for $159/night at CSR too. I talked to a CM and the tower restaurant and the new waterfront restaurant are due to still open July 9. We'll know more next week when dining reservations open up for it or not. I even asked about a menu and I was told it would not be released until next Thursday (that was a couple of days ago).

"El Gran Magnifico"Jan 05, 2019

Just re-priced my POR res down by $45 a night (They have both AP and FL res rates) for the week before Memorial. And I'm still scratching my head on this one. I got CSR the week before Labor Day for $159. With the tower open. And the waterfront restaurant. - $159? I've got to be missing something. Did they delay the opening of the tower?

TouristmeetstravelerJan 04, 2019

Yeah, I agree with your statement.

disneyflushJan 03, 2019

I was referring to the actual summer season and not yesterday's website issues. Disney has been decreasing head count when crowds are low so they will hopefully increase it during this period now and make for a better guest experience.

TouristmeetstravelerJan 03, 2019

Wow! Superb. This will help guest experience during this interval of time. My last visit is 10 Nov past year, and the room I booked is of higher cost. I experienced Disney tour also in the spring season. The rent is discounted in multiple. So, I save much of my money during the spring season.

JohnDJan 03, 2019

Just changed my WDW plans from 4/26-5/2 (prior spring offer ending 4/27) to 4/29-5/5 (new spring offer) at Pop. I saved $100.

ShookieJonesJan 02, 2019

Got the Spring room only discount....saved 125.00 bucks off my original booking. We rent a car so that’ll be 200 hunj....ugh, wish I had the guts to talk with my wallet. I am sucker.

StormJan 02, 2019

After counting the difference , the final amount that has been deducted with the UK/EU promo is about 75€ , I don’t see that as a really good opportunity and in that I’m factoring a 55€ price decrease for the ticket due to the MYW package , 75€ doesn’t seem like a good deal at all compared to US sales. I’ll definitely think about booking with US sales at least for next time as its too late now for me

nickysJan 02, 2019

Our deals (yes, I’m from the UK) on tickets alone are so advantageous I wouldn’t be complaining about the lack of discounts and/or free dining. In fact if you look at the deals we get on complete packages of accommodation and tickets, it works out a lot less than the “rack rate” on the US site. So year-round, we get good deals. Think about it, it’s all but impossible not to be able to get 14 nights for the price of 7 on park hopper plus tickets; even without that particular deal, the price of our tickets are amazing, given they’re all-singing, all-dancing tickets with memory maker. And for much of the year, we can get “free dining”, albeit by paying a bit more for the accommodation. But if you really want to, I’m sure Kingdom Konsultants (@Kingdom Konsultant), @DisneyJoe or another US based TA can help with one of the US deals.

monothingieJan 02, 2019

@ParentsOf4 from the other thread on this. Nothing unusual other than they look to be combining summer and late summer packages and releasing them much earlier than last year. Probably a reaction also to last years panic during August and September.