Disney characters will soon be visiting Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Dec 02, 2020 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Wednesday December 2, 2020 1:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning later this month, Disney characters will be heading to the Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

We understand that the pop-up adventures will see the characters arrive in customized RVs. As with the in-park cavalcades, don't expect a published schedule or direct meet and greets - social distancing will be maintained.

In previous years, Disney has provided character meet and greets at the resorts during the holidays, and it isn't yet clear if this is a social distanced implementation of this, or if it will be a more long term offering.

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MiruJan 13, 2021

This is actually good news, and an increasingly rare positive development here in Walt Disney World. Most of what’s been going on at WDW recently (or will happen sometime in 202X) has detracted from the experience greatly. Why is good news so rare? Is WDW heading into a dark age akin to what’s been going on at DL since 2017? I feel like characters should also be roaming the Disneyland Resort Hotels, not just WDW.

MickeyLuv'rJan 05, 2021

And a small nightlight should be in every hotel in every bathroom. To me, it just seems dumb that they are still rare. Seems like such a low cost money saving no-brainer safety feature, like non-slip bathtubs. (Oh, and shaving/make up mirrors! Again, seems a bad idea guests should ever have to bring their own.) I'm happy WDW is bringing characters to the hotels. The few times I've seen them at hotels it was really fun! Much better than meeting them in the parks! I wish they'd do this permanently. At the hotels, they don't tend to get mobbed, and they are unexpected, and it feels more special. Character greets are best when spontaneous.

WillWramblesDec 04, 2020

This will probably be a HUGE success for Disney both with and without Social Distancing.

PrincessLaurDec 04, 2020

This is so fun and I hope something they will continue. One of the things we loved most at Aulani was walking around the resort and having surprise interactions with characters. One of my happiest memories from that trip was running into Moana during a quiet late afternoon and she took a good five minutes to interact with my little girls who were just floored. It would be fun to be leaving for the parks from a resort in the morning and see Mickey in the lobby to really kick off the day. This is a great idea.

surfsupdonDec 04, 2020

Great. Characters should be at the Resorts. At all levels of Resorts too (just like waterslides and hot tubs should be!!). Good to see this happening.

easyrowrdwDec 03, 2020

Nice! Thanks for sharing. :)

brb1006Dec 03, 2020

I love seeing characters doing stuff like this without just standing in line giving guests brief moments of interaction.

TuvaluDec 03, 2020

I took these last summer (8/28/19) from the Courtyard pool at GF.

HarrisburgMouseDec 03, 2020

Yes. They’re hanging for a good amount of time too (over 15 minutes now). Seems to have some music and dance routine. Very interactive with guests below.

wdwmagicDec 03, 2020

Good spot, are you there now?

HarrisburgMouseDec 03, 2020

They are here at Beach/Yacht Club.

MisterPenguinDec 03, 2020

I think the poll went like this... https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/would-you-like-more-stuff.971134/ ;)

easyrowrdwDec 03, 2020

I remember them announcing characters would be found at some resorts last year, but I never saw any evidence of it actually being implemented. And if it was it must have been brief as I visited not long after it was supposed to start. It would be nice if characters at the hotels were a permanent thing (without the distancing restriction).

dreday3Dec 03, 2020

Oh wow! This is so fun. I hope it's still happening in the Spring...