Valet parking returns to Walt Disney World Resort hotels

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Posted: Saturday May 1, 2021 3:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Valet parking is returning to Walt Disney World beginning May 1 2021 with Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.

The parking service did not resume when the hotels reopened from the COVID-19 shutdown, but will come to other hotels over the next couple of months, with a tentative timeline as below:

  • May 2 - Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • May 2 - Disney’s Riviera Resort
  • May 16 - Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
  • May 16 - Disney’s BoardWalk Resort
  • May 30 - Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
  • May 30 - Disney’s Beach Club Resort
  • May 30 - Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village
  • June 7 -  Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Valet service continues to be available for Guests with disabilities who may require parking assistance. A valid disability parking permit is required. Valet service is $33 per night (sales tax included).

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MisterPenguin2 days ago

At least we know this streetmosphere is unlikely to be on the chopping block...

Clamman732 days ago

About a month or two ago I booked a Pop standard room for 5 days in november (starting on the 8th) and looking now there’s nothing available there for the same time period.

dreday32 days ago

I happily accept this as the reason. :D

peter114352 days ago

Correct. Closed resorts still account for nearly 10,000 rooms out of service.

havoc3152 days ago

Well there is reduced hotel capacity in the sense that many hotels are still closed.

dreday32 days ago

Thanks! I was hoping reduced capacity would explain almost every room being booked in October, now I'm just going to have to accept that it's just a lot of people that are booked! 😂

havoc3152 days ago

Just the parks at reduced capacity. All hotel rooms available for booking but no club services.

dreday32 days ago

Can someone please clarify: Are the hotels also booking at a reduced capacity? Or is it just the parks that have a capacity limit? thanks!

castlecake2.07 days ago

Yah everything at citricos has been ripped out and replaced (the carpet twice because apparently something was wrong with the first replacement) it’s supposedly returning next month sometime. I think this will be the biggest indicator of where we are headed.

UNCgolf7 days ago

I think it was Chapek; he didn't like the Victorian theme and wanted to make the hotel more modern (i.e. generic). The Enchanted Rose is awful. I guess people like it, but even ignoring any theme etc. issues, it just does not look good. I was actually surprised by how bad it looked/felt in person because I was expecting something that at least had a high quality veneer if nothing else. However, it did not look or feel upscale/luxury at all. I've always wanted to stay at the Grand Floridian but wasn't willing to shell out the cash to do so (not enough value) -- the changes they're making (eliminating the orchestra, the Enchanted Rose, whatever else is to come in that vein) are making me far less likely to choose it. Not what they're going for, but as long as the majority like it it doesn't really matter if I'm a no. As for Citrico's -- I could see changing the carpet and the upholstery on the furniture because it looks dated (and not in a Victorian era themed way). Other than that, it's a pretty elegant space. If they're planning a serious overhaul, that doesn't bode well based on the other changes they've been making at both the GF and elsewhere.

MisterPenguin7 days ago

Yeah, I noticed the Wish got an adult bar called and reminiscent of the Belle-inspired job that GF got.

MisterPenguin7 days ago

That changes too quickly to keep up on for me, sorry.

castlecake2.07 days ago

I thought pre Covid one or both of the Bobs made it known they were not a fan of the current Grand and it was about to head into a gut job? My guess is Enchanted Rose was a test to see if “upscale princess” would work and it looks like it has. Seeing some of the renderings from the Wish and Disneyland Paris Hotel makes me think designs will be cross utilized for the Grand. Also I’ve heard from a few servers that Citricos will be VERY different upon reopening but wouldn’t say how, this could also point towards what direction the resort is headed...