Construction update from the new Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Jan 17, 2023 in "Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows"

Polynesian Resort Disney Vacation Club tower construction - January 17 2023
Posted: Tuesday January 17, 2023 10:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a quick update from the construction site for the upcoming Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

Foundation work continues, with two cranes working on two different areas of the construction site.

The new DVC tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort has a planned opening in 2024.

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correcaminos3 days ago

I still say a skip and a jump since you have to cross that walkway to across the water, now Franck's on the other hand.... I'll appreciate the location though with the spa :cool:

ToTBellHop4 days ago

Well, now it will be a stone-throw away.

networkpro4 days ago

It was just a few minutes walk down the path from the Poly to the Pavillion. Really close, like stone-skipping close.

The Moles Family4 days ago

Crikey, didn’t realise it was so close to the wedding pavilion

correcaminos4 days ago

I think they'll have to get more exterior work to allow for that. I do suspect we won't see it anytime soon sadly. I agree the current walk is horrible. Cars go flying down the road. I almost witnessed an accident if the passenger didn't yell for the driver to slow down (windows were open). CMs at VGF agreed the path is awful. I'll likely avoid the area until it reopens

James Alucobond4 days ago

The shoreline has already been reshaped to more or less match the plans.

pdude814 days ago

IIRC the new walkway would be between the lagoon and the building, but close to active construction. The plans made it look like they even need to expand the shoreline out a bit for the path. So I assume the new path won't open until they are largely finished with exterior construction.

James Alucobond4 days ago

I will continue to hope vainly that at the speed they’re moving, they can restore the walkway to the Grand Floridian rather quickly. Unlike other rerouted pathways that tend to only be an inconvenience, this one felt tortuous and genuinely dangerous at some points.

Disstevefan14 days ago

Looks like they are moving fast!

DCBaker4 days ago

View from the monorail at Magic Kingdom.

correcaminos5 days ago

Agree on DLR being fishy... but it will be what it will be. I think you over simplify PVB vs VGF but I'm not here to argue when minds are already made up. However saying those who view the situation differently than you are not reasonable minds is honesty laughable. We view it differently that's all. My views come from just as sound ideas as yours. It was initially announced as an extension to guides last year, so whether they stay with it or not will be seen. It, however is understandable why they need the tower to balance. Especially since the rebalance of points makes the flagship resort to be less points than PVB. But hey no one knows. At least I will admit it.

pdude816 days ago

DLT is a little fishy, but they have so few rooms on site compared to WDW that they need to get booking before people stay nearby and walk instead. You may be right about something being up as they should have been selling points by now. VGF as a stand alone DVC is a non starter. It's a cheap refurb of existing resort rooms with no additional amenities added. They had more demand for DVC points there than deman for those rooms at rack rate. Reasonable minds can read the tea leaves different ways.

CastAStone6 days ago

Disney seems to be of the mind that they have too many owners who prefer studios, IMO. I actually agree with them on that. But it’s their own damn fault for pricing 1BRs so outrageously vs studios on points, when compared to the gap in cash rates or at other timeshares.

Disney Glimpses6 days ago

Yeah, "impossible" was not the right choice of word. But there are a lot of folks who just want a studio once every 3 years. Which, especially depending on time of year, require a number of points far below the minimum. Heck, even people visiting once a year in a studio may run into this. Anyways, I just don't think those people should be excluded from benefits.