Construction update from the new Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Jan 17, 2023 in "Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows"

Polynesian Resort Disney Vacation Club tower construction - January 17 2023
Posted: Tuesday January 17, 2023 10:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a quick update from the construction site for the upcoming Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

Foundation work continues, with two cranes working on two different areas of the construction site.

The new DVC tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort has a planned opening in 2024.

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BrianLo14 hours ago

Agreed, I think the issues are being a bit overstated. If anything the major problem is that it’s being wedged by DVC and not hotel rooms where the guests could more easily stay. Though a bigger unit for the family, bride/groom etc is a nice feature. I’ve been to several resort weddings recently and I see no real issue. I guess if the goal was ultimate seclusion, they could have a second wedding venue on bay lake. But some people like being in the heart of things, but still having their own carved out space, which this venue provides. It’s very similar to Aulani now. Maybe Reflections could carry a wedding venue as well if they really have their business impacted (which I doubt, I’m sure that venue is in extreme demand).

BrianLo14 hours ago

Unfortunately. The consensus from the Dis folks who are more obsessive about these things are no top level dining, grand villas only up there. More Disneyland tower and less RIV. There is quick service / table adjacent dining on the main level and likely a pool bar snack option. But ultimately a missed table service up top is a wasted opportunity. Poly seems to need more dining and this won’t help move that needle.

JoeCamel15 hours ago

The money shot is the MK in the background

UNCgolf15 hours ago

I think the Wedding Pavilion issues are more about potential noise pollution than any visual intrusion on an actual ceremony, other than when arriving/entering.

Fido Chuckwagon15 hours ago

I wonder how the Galactic Failcruiser is holding up.

John park hopper17 hours ago

There has been so much Disney has abandoned at WDW it's a shame

Bocabear18 hours ago

The old Treasure Island.... Relatively quiet over there by the camp ground....though harder to get to, and not too luxe...has also been abandoned for decades. They should build small wedding pavilions at each of the signature resorts in the style of the resort...for small weddings... and something beautifully themed to match...

ChrisFL18 hours ago

IMO they need to move the wedding pavilion somewhere more secluded now that two DVC towers are hovering right above it...maybe one of the islands in the middle?

JD8020 hours ago

Are there any views of the new Poly tower from the Wedding Pavilion that you would be taking pictures of? Most of the shots are away from it.

Bocabear20 hours ago

I am sure they will add some detailing... but the structure just doesn't seem to jive with the rest of the resort... They could have designed the building to match and in some way feel part of the rest of the resort.... Similar rooflines? similar overall design themes....that would have helped...I would have preferred all of this on the TTC end of the least it would not become a jumble close to the GF and Wedding Pavilions.... But what is done is done so to speak...Hopefully the decor, landscape and finishing will help.

freediverdude1 day ago

Right, if they had just made 3 more longhouses with differing villa types instead of the tower, everybody would be excited. Or even if they made the tower look similar to Aulani or something. But it's looking like a generic hotel plopped next to the Poly and calling it part of the Poly. I don't understand....

yensidtlaw19691 day ago

Am I misremembering? I thought something was announced to be up there, with fireworks viewing of some sort - I haven't been following this closely so it's very possible I'm wrong, but if so that would be a HUGE miss.

BrianLo1 day ago

Oh? The consensus was there was no top level dining.

Tuvalu1 day ago

“Circa” means around, not exactly. I stayed in those longhouses many times prior to the DVC conversion. And I was present during the refurbishment to DVC. I don’t feel the need to check with Tikiman about the presence of second floor balconies. I used them. I wouldn’t have commented on your post at all if not for your “to support those extra balconies” statement. And I am in complete agreement with you about the hideous, poorly placed and designed DVC tower.