Island H2O Live! water park opening for preview days starting June 5

May 28, 2019 in "Margaritaville Resort Orlando"

Island H2O Live
Posted: Tuesday May 28, 2019 10:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Orlando’s newest water park, Island H2O Live! at Margaritaville Resort Orlando will open for preview days from June 5 – June 20, 2019.

You can be among the first to check out Island H2O Live! and get $5 off day tickets and the opportunity to purchase an annual pass at a reduced price of $69.99+tax (Regular price will be $89.99). During Preview Days, daily passes must be purchased at the water park ticket windows only.

According to Margaritaville Resort Orlando, "Island H2O Live! will bring an unparalleled water park experience to its guests, by combining cutting-edge technology, unlimited thrills, as well as relaxation options for everyone. A new RFID wristband system will allow guests to personalize their music and light experiences on select rides, capture photos, win points, and share via their social media. Over 20 different experiences, including a wave pool, kids’ area, group raft rides, slides and lazy river will round-out the enlivened experience for all ages."

“We are thrilled to welcome our first guests to Island H2O Live and have them enjoy this new, innovative and immersive water park,” said Jim Kunau. “Whether you’re an influencer and thrill-seeker looking to conquer stomach-churning slides, or a family wanting to splash around in a kid-friendly zone, Island H2O Live! offers something for everyone.”

Island H2O Live! is within walking distance or a short trolley ride to Margaritaville Hotel, Margaritaville Cottages, and Sunset Walk, the resort’s retail, dining, and entertainment district featuring more than 30 offerings including Studio Movie Grill, Yeoman’s Cask & Lion, Ford’s Garage, Bento Café, Rock & Brews, BurgerFi, Skechers, and more.

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wdwmagicJun 29, 2019

Simple answer to that one. I have my hands full with WDW, and don't want to do a second rate job of trying to do everything. Things like Margaritaville are one-offs that don't require years of experience to cover. And no, I was not paid a penny to cover it. Infact, they are not even an advertiser here.

No NameJun 29, 2019

Still curious as to why you don’t cover even the biggest news at Universal or SeaWorld but chose to cover this. It looks like you were paid to cover this. I think you misread what I said. If it stays as you describe that’s not a failure by Disney.

Jim ChandlerJun 27, 2019

Can’t see how it is a failure by Disney. mV is a smaller version of the WDW water parks. Currently the uniqueness is drawing people. I suspect the people who stay there will use the WP. However if you look at the additional cost to add on the WDW water park to a ticket it is a wash IMO

Club CooloholicJun 27, 2019

Price is right, looks generic in theme and HOT

No NameMay 30, 2019

Michael Eisner made a point of building up Walt Disney World to capture the markets of other nearby attractions so guests wouldn’t feel compelled to leave property. TPFKADMGMS (now DHS) was built to rival Universal, DAK was built to give people their animal fix to keep them from Busch Gardens and maybe SeaWorld, stuff like the WDW Speedway and Test Track captured the car and racing interest, Mission Space makes your head hurt more than the Kennedy Space Center, but hey, considering Disney’s overwhelming market share back then I’d say it worked quite well. Point being, if a significant new market emerges and Disney does not become the leader in it, assuming it wouldn’t undercut their current business, I would likely consider that a failure on Disney’s part. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion, it’s just surprising because you don’t do articles for even the biggest Universal and SeaWorld news, so why this?

FlynnwriterMay 29, 2019

Ok. It’s just me then. I hate going off property.

wdwmagicMay 29, 2019

You may have noticed we have sections on the forum such as "Universal Orlando" "Sea World" "Off-site Hotels, Dining, Shopping." The four is not exclusively Disney.

SirwalterraleighMay 29, 2019

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say because it doesn’t have fuzzy characters and an automatic 300% upcharge for everything? The “comforts of home”

xdan0920May 29, 2019

Why so salt salt salty?

SirwalterraleighMay 29, 2019

Well...there’s no such thing as “magic” that negates 50% of your argument

FlynnwriterMay 29, 2019

The water is replaced by beer. Why is this on wdwmagic. There isn’t anything Disney or magical here.

SirwalterraleighMay 29, 2019

I nominate this one for “post of the day” ...don’t choke on those pearls 😉

SirwalterraleighMay 29, 2019

But you don’t get the climate at home...and it’s far less exotic in Indiana or Ohio. Are you sure the war on those that aren’t kinda DBags isn’t creating a “new” market? Just a theory... Margaritaville vibe doesn’t seem to be what bob is there a $120 “evening magic” waterpass?