New resort neighboring Disney World, Evermore Orlando Resort, announces opening date and releases first look

Dec 06, 2023 in "Evermore Orlando Resort"

Evermore Orlando Resort highlights
Posted: Wednesday December 6, 2023 10:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Evermore Orlando Resort, a new billion-dollar, 10,000-room resort located next-door to Walt Disney World, has confirmed the official opening of the 1,100-acre luxury vacation destination will be January 1, 2024.

Evermore will offer a new approach to vacationing, featuring a large-scale community of homes solely built for the purpose of vacation renting, operating with hotel-quality standards. The resort will open with 2,013 bedrooms throughout 69 houses ranging in size from five to eleven bedrooms; 206 four-bedroom flats; and 41 two- and four-bedroom villas.

The opening will also debut Orlando’s first Conrad Hotel, Hilton’s luxury brand, featuring 433 contemporary-styled guest room accommodations, including 51 suites, 10 family suites and the Conrad Spa with an outdoor water garden.

Evermore amenities include a 20-acre tropical beach complex, an 8-acre crystalline water amenity by Crystal Lagoons, 15 restaurants, bars, and food markets, two 18-hole Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses, and more.

"After five years of meticulous planning and building, we are thrilled to open Evermore Orlando Resort," says Christopher Kelsey, President, Dart Interests. "We're proud to have created Orlando's first beach paradise designed intentionally for groups, friends and families to effortlessly vacation together."

Evermore Orlando Resort is currently accepting reservations for January 1, 2024. Conrad Orlando will open in early January, with reservations currently available for January 9, 2024 and beyond. Visit for more information.

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pigglewiggle1 day ago

This looks nice, but it isn't for us. I wouldn't travel to Florida to book a vacation home with a fake beach. I would prefer to actually go to a beach. Also, I don't know 27 people who would travel with us. ;)

Horizons '831 day ago

Been reading that the Conrad is having some issues but would assume they are just new and will work them out.

Disney Analyst1 day ago

Fox&HoundJan 21, 2024

I thought the same thing…

CompedJan 21, 2024

They've been staffing like crazy. Lots of hiring going on for a project I think, like you... Isn't nearly on as sound footing as Hilton would like.

SirwalterraleighJan 21, 2024

…official opening. I’m interested to see how this goes? Looks like a disaster on the surface

Andrew CJan 21, 2024

Interesting. Been open for a little bit already.

RteetzJan 21, 2024

The Conrad hotel on this property held its ribbon cutting today.

Disstevefan1Dec 07, 2023

This looks very nice. I hope its successful. More options for visitors is always welcome in my opinion

JMcMahonEsqDec 07, 2023

That sound's like an administrative nightmare. I would think the hotel is going to want a single point of billing. They might provide a service like at a restaurant that lets you split a bill, but i have to imagine the hotel is going to demand whoever booked and used their card is still liable for the entire booking. They aren't going to want to have the risk of chasing down 3-4 families within one large unit if some de That’s a big question. It has been my experience that families with higher disposable income that are looking for more upscale properties don’t need the cost savings generally larger multiple bedroom units bring, and value their own time/planning vs tieing their trip/stay to planning with multiple groups

Fido ChuckwagonDec 07, 2023

I think it is. Places like Windsor Hills have a huge number of 4, 5, and 6 bedroom homes available for rent to larger families. Of course, Windsor Hills is also a significantly lower price point, so it remains to be seen if the more upscale market will fill these rooms.

SaucyBoyDec 07, 2023

I only say that because I worked in the industry in Orlando for about three years so I saw first hand. But that was pre-covid so the dynamics could have certainly shifted since then.

JMcMahonEsqDec 07, 2023

Interesting. I sheepishly admit that despite working for a large internationally based company, I wasn't considering that demographic at all.

FigmentFan82Dec 07, 2023

i think one of the big things i read about the bigger room/houses etc is that you can break out pricing per person/families within the booking so that if you vacation with another family or friends you can easily handle the money stuff by assigning extra people to handle their portion of the bill