New home development to be built on 26 acres of land previously owned by Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Oct 22, 2019 in "Disney's Vero Beach Resort"

Posted: Tuesday October 22, 2019 12:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

GHO Homes, has closed on 26 acres of land for a new community on land previously owned by Disney's Vero Beach Resort.

The land is located on the west side of S.R. A1A, across the street from Disney's Vero Beach Resort, and next to the resort parking area and recreation space. It is thought that Disney originally owned just over 32 acres of land on Vero Beach.

Homes are expected to be built in 2021 and will be starting at under $1million. Dedicated beach access will be provided across S.R. A1A.

“Part of what makes this community so special is that the site represents one of the last parcels of any size on the north end of the island for residential development,” said Bill Handler, President of GHO Homes. “We believe this community will quickly become one of our premier sites for those seeking a new home, with a Vero Beach island location built to today’s updated standards”.

The main buildings and beach at Disney's Vero Beach Resort are not affected by the land sale.

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PhonedaveJan 08, 2020

I suspect that this parcel was not part of the Vero Beach property. As a DVC owner, you own a share of the property (as small share, but still and actual share). That is why we pay property tax. DVC cannot sell off undeveloped land that is part of the overall Vero Beach deed any more than it could have sold off half the property at OKW. I suspect this is why the Treehouse Villas were developed as part of SSR. The land was likely included in the deed to SSR properties. DVC could not develop it (and then sell it) as a separate property, as the land is part of SSR.

MagicRatJan 08, 2020

Does Disney give anything back to the DVC owners for the sale? I believe if a hurricane hits the resort and it needs work the dues increase. Shouldn’t the same be made for a unexpected profit?

Monorail_Red_77Oct 28, 2019

Fun Fact: a Disney Merchandise truck delivers goods to Vero Beach daily from the distribution warehouses at Walt Disney World. Sometimes there are two trucks. Usually one refrigerated and one not. I pass them almost every day going to work. I live about 30 mins north or Vero and travel north on I-95 about 15 or so miles. The highlight of my morning to see magic being delivered daily.

kurtkOct 26, 2019

The theater depends on the production. It is usually not completely crazy but it does depend on the production. My 2 youngest have gone with us the last couple of years (they are now 18 and 17). Under 18 are half price. Are you DVC members at Vero? PM if you have any questions

Club CooloholicOct 26, 2019

Yes, cinema, was Godzilla, prices were great! Totally open to theater though, just tough with kids sometimes. Do they have family friendly productions? One thing I liked about that whole area was how it was not built up too much, far more low rise places than many other coastal areas. We saw some manatees even, was great, sounds like you had a wonderful area to live in.

kurtkOct 26, 2019

I agree. I have a feeling they regret the whole thing. When you say local cinema I assume you mean movies or did you mean Riverside Theatre? Check it out if you haven't, beautiful theatre with some very professional talent.

FlynnwriterOct 24, 2019

Really? Was Disney strapped for cash? How about a nature conservatory?

fngoofyOct 24, 2019


Club CooloholicOct 24, 2019

We loved 14 Bones BBQ, great prices, same with the Vero Beach local cinema.

ryguyOct 24, 2019

I agree. And I think the resort achieves its goal of being a relaxing beachside retreat. Just not sure if the bean counters keep this in the DVC collection past 2042.

kurtkOct 23, 2019

You are right. It is really not in Vero Beach, more like Fellsmere/Sebastian. (I know, really splitting hairs but i live here.) It is several miles up A1A on the island from the Vero Beach portion of the island. There are some great restaurants down there. Vero has some really wonderful restaurants for the small size it is. I am biased. Enjoyed the town and raised my kids here for 13+ years.

kurtkOct 23, 2019

Yes. If you are looking for a relaxing, lay by the beach vacation this is it.

CalmdownnowOct 23, 2019

Which may change if a large number of new homes are built across the road...

correcaminosOct 23, 2019

Wouldn't surprise me at all. Cute resort but I can think of other beachy places I'd rather stay.