"Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort" Refurbishments

Downtown Disney Resort Area


None currently scheduled

In Progress

None currently in progress


Jan 29, 2018 to Feb 09, 2018

The Paddock Pool closed for refurbishment

Jan 15, 2018 to Jan 26, 2018

High Rock Spring pool closed for refurbishment

Oct 04, 2016 to Nov 19, 2016

Construction taking place at the High Rock Springs Pool area between 9am and 5pm, pool will remain open.

Aug 24, 2013 to Sep 14, 2013

Disney's Saratoga Springs Grandstand Pool closed for refurbishment

Jan 29, 2013 to Feb 07, 2013

Fitness center at Disney's Saratoga Springs closed for refurbishments

Jan 16, 2013 to Jul 01, 2013

Spa at Disney's Saratoga Springs closed to be transformed into 'Senses' (reopening date not yet confirmed)

Aug 01, 2011 to Sep 02, 2011

Saratoga Springs Resort Congress Park quiet pool closed for refurbishment

Dec 03, 2010 to Jun 30, 2011

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort Paddock Leisure Pool closed for refurbishment into new feature pool (reopening date not yet confirmed)